The Independent councillor denied the accusation and refused to stand down at the time, vowing to serve until He cgat not put himself forward for re-election in May, said Wigan Council.

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Mr Bleakley, who has been chqt councillor for more than 10 years, told the BBC he decided not to stand again soon after his mother's death in He also cited health concerns which he said were due to media pressure and the actions of the council.

It added: "No wonder women are just cooking and washing material. The panel found he had breached members' code of conduct for using his phone for personal use but did not suspend him as a councillor.

Adult chat lines

He repaid the phone bill. Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how he was caught after one victim refused to pay and contacted the police.

The court heard how men aged between 32 and 65 from all over Britain had been targeted. While using the chat lines, they were steered into conversations about under-age sex with boys and girls by what appeared to be one person. Another person would then interrupt, stating they were a chat line monitor and the conversations would have to be reported to police.

An offer was then made that the recordings would be wiped if money was paid into certain bank s. A surveillance operation led the police to Sutherland's home in Bath Street, Edinburgh.