But, with the new generation of insect-like small aircraft, together with its monotonous engine noise, the name has never been more apt.

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The oil is from outside Kabul, from the Afghan pipeline. Tony visits the chapel and talks to God, reminding Him of their bargain.

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He asks for a if He remembers it. When Burke arrives, Tony tells her to tells Joseph they think they might know where Gabriela is.

On the ground, Gibbs and Ziva are part of the mission to rescue her. The heat sensors show five people inside.

As they're approaching, Quincy is hit in the neck. They shoot their way in and find Gabriela alive, but being held with a gun to her head by Soraya. Chat univicion asks her if she wants to spend the rest of her life in Guantanamo or just get shot right there.

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She lets Gabriela go. Back outside, Ziva tries to comfort Quincy as he fights to live.

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He tells Ziva to tell his parents that he loves them. They watch as he takes his last breath. Ziva promises to get him home.

Back to the beginning. Tony gives Joseph Flores the news that his daughter is alive.

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Gibbs talks to Gabriela, who is upset over Quincy's death. She says he disobeyed an order that night to save the girls.

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She wants Soraya held able for her crimes, but mostly she wants her to watch uaa two girls grow up and change the world. Punishment is knowing she could have done the same. She offers him spiritual guidance when he's ready for it.

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Gibbs, Gabriela, Ziva and others fly home with Quincy's body. Gibbs remembers boot camp, learning the news that a helicopter went down in Okinawa.

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Matteson was on it. Five other defendants have received sentences ranging from seven to 15 years.

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A 'long fight' for women 'finally yielding ' As the judges sat down to deliberate, the call for justice from women's advocates was loud and clear. Tens of thousands of petitions, including from victims, had been handed to officials on this case urging them to hand down a hefty chst sentence.

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South Korean courts have been accused of being far too lenient on digital sex criminals for far too long. Why are these talks historic? These are the first direct talks between the Taliban and representatives of the Agghan government.

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The militants had until now refused to meet the government, calling them powerless and American "puppets". The two sides are aiming usz political reconciliation and an end to decades of violence, which began with the Soviet invasion. At 19 years, the conflict in Afghanistan has been the longest in US history.

Afghan chat room usa

One senior Afghan negotiator, Nader Nadery, told the BBC it was "an emotional, but very very difficult and important day. And we need to pull all the strength to face them, to talk to them.

Everyone taking part in the talks has acknowledged that they will be challenging - there are deep disagreements between the two sides, and the conflict is still continuing in Afghanistan. Take advantage of finding love with just a few taps on rooom smartphone or laptop.

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