How do you know he was sexting? I think when he comes home you need to sit down and ask him exactly what is going on and chatroomd from there.

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Credit Secret, the popular mobile application, lets people share their deepest, darkest — and occasionally funniest — confessions anonymously, with their friends.

Anonymous chatrooms

So Philip Kaplan, a serial entrepreneur and a Secret user, cobbled together a simple and free service called Anonyfish that allows people adult texting job send private, anonymous messages anonymkus each other. His service, called Anonyfish, lets people create a user name that they can share with those they want to communicate with and then gives them access to a simple inbox for exchanging messages.

It all looks like random characters chatooms garbage. It was introduced in February and hosts around messages each day.

More than 20, usernames have been registered through the site. The service is largely intended for people who use Secret, Mr. But Mr.

Kaplan says he hopes that Anonyfish eventually extends to other services or is used for any interactions where anonymoys parties may be reluctant to reveal their names or personal information. Kaplan was also involved with an early version of a company called Blippy, a start-up that let people publish their credit card purchases online.

Anonymous chatrooms

Not long after its launch, however, Blippy accidentally exposed some sensitive information and the company eventually pivoted into another service for real-time mobile auctions, although Mr. Kaplan is no longer involved with the company. More than a decade ago, he also ran an Internet messaging board.

At some point, Mr. But for now, said Mr. Kaplan, who has also helped create ventures like AdBrite and worked on services like TinyLetter, the service is still a pet project.