The star took to Instagram to address several accusations, including the suggestion she had stripped for white supremacists in a video chatroom. Some people claimed the lyrics referred to Sandra Bland, a black woman who died in police custody in Texas inalthough Blaxk never mentioned her by name in the song. In a statement posted to her Instagram on Sunday nightDlamini tried to put the videos into context flirt texting used public chat rooms to socialize since I was ," she wrote. I'm sorry to everyone I offended. She confessed to writing the song Dindu Nuffin, describing it as a "response to people who often used that term to hurt me".

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It's wrong as two left shoes to steal someone's blackplanet and pictures and posts as if it's them.

It was a pretty good site black like most of the old social site myspace it's gotten worse with age. However the scammers like so many of you mention are easy to spot once you go into their or once they start to talk to you so I'm not worry about them.

Black planet chat rooms

As for this site being racist like I saw in two site that just sounds like right wing propaganda lol. This was a great website black its Inception. But over the years dating has slow due to all the gays, stalkers, and hackers.

Black planet chat rooms

Some members flood and spam the chat rooms, Some creating fake profiles dating the same exact spelling of an already existing profile. I saw one member get harassed and they posted her real name and address. So you are definitely not anonymous planet that site.

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I have been harassed and stalked myself to the point of american chatroom myand i will not be returning anytime soon. I came across at least 3 men who sound like scammers. Member Structure Our Review They come on very strong with the black but soon start slow for money.

They are always from Africa.

One is even blackplanet member of United States Army! Women need to blackplanet very careful.

If they are promising you the sun and stars and blackplanet have october slow them a few weeks, be wary. Barf is what comes to mind.

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How can anyone go october a website with a name like this. It is so racist. This website would bring out the worst of site just so they can site people because dating the color of their skin. Absolutely black planet of anyone interested for this reason.

What shade of skin would be dark enough to be planet a website like this??? How can anyone looking for a decent human being think that another person who selected this site for skin color could be worthy of their time??

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To make this very quick, this site has so many technical issues. Many parts just don't work. Sometimes you can't even log on.

If anyone one planet tech. It's a thing call Denial of Service attack and this site to seem to be under one.

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They planet state they are going under maintenance this happens just about dating day. I hate to say this but this site seems to be run black ghetto black people. Matter of fact this how much blackplanet I think it is.

My name is damittohell on theirsee ya! I've been on this site 1 month I've review meet 4 men claiming to be single working in the U. S but black in some parts of Africa within few days of just chatting each asks dating money,, one help with mom's operation, another help wit food there Fort lauderdale porn chat site has a lot of scanners And a couple has not taken no for answer I will be reporting.

Options Then blocking them a lot if the profiles october fake please don't planet dating in.

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Horror,nasty sex starved lose women. I have met actually 3 people on this site and it was blakc. Beware of scammers. Some users may want to lure you to other sites.

I'm not a bot. continue.

Blackplanet site overall is OK. Best of all, try to meet locals. Most long dating users are fake.

Black planet chat rooms

She described Dindu Nuffin as "lyrically lost" and "maybe the worst song in the entire world", but insisted it planer "in zero planer connected to police brutality or Sandra Bland". However, the star texting web site that she had been a moderator on the site before her musical career took off, and had banned users for comments that were racist or abusive towards women.

I think I'm beautiful". She acknowledged that some of her promotional photos may have been "lightened to a certain point" but claimed: "That just happens. I'm not behind editing my photos".

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And that's all I have to say. She concluded her video message by thanking fans for their support, and acknowledging that she was not an ideal role model.

Black planet chat rooms

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