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I say Lord and Savior. These are just some of the ways that our students kive maximizing their time at home and in their respective communities, and there are countless other stories of them using their own. Platforms to inspire and bring hope to others our commitment to empower the next generation continues. Good afternoon everyone welcome to our Saturday Four PM service. I believe that all of us were encouraged by that video update on our every nation Campos at the campus Ministry from advancing God's scheme among the young generation I'm on the next generation.

I love you all, I Blue-river-KY sex chat missionaries Pss encourage other people. Steven leaders.

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It's like this. Assess RomansI am not pain of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes first for you, then for the Genially Salma on now we continue to do your will because we can continue to praise and worship together in one spirit and one mind to Luhan Vmas in. He gave me hope and gave me.

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That's me. Into your I'm now. It has set me free. All around me, you're gonna go. Take Can save Can make me whole? One loves me and I. It is your. Take my It is your. Take Is your My life is yours.

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Is your I'm giving my. You and you will love for I. Me down. For you and you will. I'm You can pay you get. Grave You pay the you gave the grind the grave my sins now we will now take. Take my life on it. It is. Mercy Youma me-I you have. Fhat me is over.

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I hear from my home in my heart the time. I found myself. And you my soul. Oh, you now to say. And I. And time. For from you, Oh, My wings. My soul. Where you rest? In your mouth. You are.

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It's in your name. Thank you that always reach out to us or you like really in it is you who protect us Lord and we are grateful for God, it says in Proverbs Chapter 18 verse The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and are safe. I pray that you'll do llve. Lord that you will fortify your spirit right now, Lord God Lord that even if you are feeling them and you're baptizing them a new of God, we receive your a refreshing your encouragement and strength right now on.

Thank you free chat room your good and your faithfulness to God in Jesus name. A QR code and you go on the screen as you scan that eex information that you posted that you will be able to continue to bless I think from on Nau and God bless you as you continue to help and support our brothers and sisters from our church community and let me encourage you.

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As we give our offerings today, it says in Psalm 54 verse four Shirley God is my chhat. The Sxe is the one who sustaining this is David, the psalmist atan and find on I've been a mutual atan. That's why in verse six, he said. I will sacrifice free will offering to you. I will praise you oh Lord for it is good. That was a. I'm ainge some Mohit and then he knew Ila.

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I mean, do you bet and this woman relatively unknown to many chances because it was a Jo a bit lost in the shadow of his famous son, Moses Perro tighten this nossa. Oh my gosh. So I'm sure she's very famous not. There's an assurance I live to a jock about this holding this promise and then it says there, but I'll bring judgment on. Nation and some of jock Camille under the slaves Egyptians, maybe she's seen this and see that the nation that they served and afterward, they shall come out with great possessions young chat be set free.

One day. I believe that bed was holding on to the promises of God that one day in the midst of slavery, someone will block them out of slavery.

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I don't know maybe some of you here you've given up hoping on the presence of God. Let me ask you this question certain are we. That goes through to his promises. God will happen is the foundation of our faith.

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The That's the function of this woman's faith on God's word you see. That's Bonifxcio foundation sincerity along with the cat. Alright We sincerely wrong being sincere means you are holding on you are latching on your attached to the word of God. Faith is a. To the object of faith as well in the I have faith in but her face attach to the world of god but then the faith you may actually she demonstrate that may be she believed that fake without actually two seventeen also faith by itself if it does how to flirt with a girl text work better we have to believe in so let's move she became pregnant Imagine being Bpnifacio during the time she got to most of the women that up up the Meeks the Egyptian mid midwives waiting and then they're gonna give birth and Sosa midwife and then so I could just imagine the ring for a baby boy but not so dark.

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She's not bothered by gender. In fact, she got excited when she saw a baby mom says. Pta I'ts A- one. We need to be watch or because the enemy is like a lion, The Chat up lines that work says he's looking for someone to pounce but be very careful because I'm not expose my means to you and we don't even know what and pornography is so prevailing at an early age about. So how do Egyptians areli and about being in the lab where we even previews a chapter, one verse 12 and the Egyptians were in bed even the Israel people so they really hate Israel's.

They feel that one day they are gonna lvie in a growth so much a big population in one point the enemy so the olnin I have that in mind for a moment and now there is an all the male bond baby baby basket so cute I don't expect more I pennsylvania chat let's see the fate of document itself shit took pnp-didm wow she had compassion team in other it says uh this is one of the cross you know what the parang a uh filing Alone compassion and I do believe that intervention it's guts divine intervention chqt soften the Affairs daughter Se instinct the to see Princess onlni you know what the next verse says they call me the sense of humor.

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What happened see. I'm just came out of the picture and Bea's he appeared and talk to the Prince. Imagine what's up.

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I'm gonna heru. Alright this time we're gonna pray onlin the moms. If you're a mom and you feel like you didn't measure up, raising your children anybody here you feel like you experience more with regards to talk about was the total opposite. Never there no growing up here and some of you feel that olnin a gap between you and your children and now that they're grown up. You're trying to feel that gap and feeling more in my eyes to if you're that chat, as I've said, who lesbian bdsm chat like you didn't measure up being a great mom, I just wanna pray for you.

I believe that it's never too late for one. Secondly, I believe that the Bonjfacio for forgiveness is available for you the room to kive for. I pray Lord God, I know that we're not perfect, but we have a perfect God who can still put things in order because you're a God of order. I believe Sex God that as we step out in faith this mom's Lord God you're gonna restore them.

You're gonna renew their hope. I pray Lord God. I'm gonna dwell in the past, but really focus need to chat with someone what's up ahead that I'm. We're gonna pray for them. I know for whatever reason, but the live delilah, but Bonifacio doesn't matter Lord God whether no matter your husband or or in the pula Lord, I know you're gonna give them the grace your word is true Lord God that you're a father to the fatherless.

You're gonna assure them.

Lord God you Lord God. That's been Miguel like abroad for many years, and some of you grew up having this cht towards your parents or maybe you're just in different I. They are bad parents Lord God. I pray that you're gonna give this children Lord get a greater sense of compassion for their parents.

I pray Lord God that you will give these children, Lord God a sense of of compassion now my.