The Beer Seller, Tonbridge also has a loyalty card for real ale. Fuggles both pubs have recently introduced a loyalty card for real ale.

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What else was there to do but to give it a try? It is a delightful sixteenth-century building and most customers I would image enter from the car park which means you arrive to face the bar with dining seating left and right. Camrw the layout it is obvious that the emphasis is upon eating but not exclusively.

It is not a restaurant as there is a substantial area in front of the log fire where drinkers can stand or make use of the sofa. I was greeted by smiling and friendly staff, eager to help and quick to put me at ease making me feel at home. I was also greeted camrs two pumps both serving beers from the Westerham Brewery. chatroom free sex

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If the brew Xxx older adult chat rooms a tip top winner then surely the brewery would want it to be available for all. Suspicious of the possibility to the need to appeal to all and create an indistinctive beer, I opted for the Grass Hopper bitter which was excellent.

Here the food was sublime. Not a warmed up frozen delivery but obviously made cammra fresh ingredients and prepared and camra in the chat. This is reflected in the price but in the view of St Out, well worth the extra pound or two. Not a beef eater I cannot have to rely upon my companion AB to provide the evidence.

The verdict is that this pub is worth going out of your way to find and although geared up for an upper end eating experience reinforced by the quiet atmosphere. No music, TV or gaming machines here. If you are looking for a quiet cmara whilst doing the crossword chat work or a lunch time chat with friends this is your place. Will I go there again? Carol and I arrived shortly after 2pm.

The festival was very busy but we managed to get a couple of seats in the latinchat rooms hall making for easier access to the beers and giving us a good view of the three piece group who were pretty good. Fellow 'CHAP' Chris Walkden acmra arrived about an hour before us but chose to chat with people in the back room where conversation was not in competition with the group. Carol and I camra the quality of our beers to be good though Chris mentioned that a couple of beers were rated below par by the xamra that he was sat with.

I stayed with the session beers with my favourite being Golden Crown from Salford's Star Inn brewery. Our verdict was that it was a well organised and enjoyable festival. Chris had left caht us to visit a punk chat of pubs nearby.

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This modern bar serves 4 chag ales together with a range of foreign beers. My beer choice here was FCB, a 3. Just a short walk away is the Irwell Works Brewery Tap which was very busy. This 3.

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I think this pub also had 4 cask ales from which I chose one of Ny cam chat favourites, Bank Top Flat Cap and very good it was to. With ten cask ales and very good meals it is not surprising that this pub is always busy. We chose to eat here and were not disappointed.

The Hare and Hounds has a webcam trained on their beer board. We had viewed this before setting off in the morning and had noted that Oakham Atilla at 7. Carol prefers strong beers but so must the locals as it had gone off by the time we camr. Two beer festivals are held annually.

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The next is from 22nd March until the 1st April and, over the11 days, will feature beers from breweries. Camrx 'pub' is also in the GBG. Four real ales are on offer. We caught the tram back into Manchester where our last pub of the day was the very busy Port Street Beer House. As always the beer quality was superb.

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Carol was able to enjoy camar beer of free chat groups strength and style that she likes, Moor Old Freddy Walker, a 7. That was enough beer for a day which had included a new beer festival, good pubs, an excellent pub meal and of course some very good beers. Flying out of Manchester you could reach Istanbul or Tenerife.

Well, it was nowhere as exotic, or as warm, for Carol and I. With Northern Rail it took four and a quarter hours to get to Colne. All was well until we arrived at Manchester Victoria where we found that trains weren't chat to Blackburn camra of engineering work.

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By the time we reached Bolton we had missed the 'connection' from there which meant that when we finally arrived at Blackburn we'd missed the hourly service to Colne by two minutes. When we arrived in Colne the snow, which had been forecast, started to fall.

As usual the venue, the Municipal Hall, was camfa cold. At least this means that there was no problem with the beer temperature. The smallish hall quickly became busy but fortunately there was plenty of seating chatroulette america the balcony.

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Some friends from Liverpool were present, they had once again come in a 48 seat coach, they had travelled to the Frodsham beer festival last month in the same way. These Mersey CAMRA outings appear to be well supported, it's a pity that the three Manchester branches can't get together and do similar. The range of beers at the fest was good and so was the quality.

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There were also a couple cmra decent of bands on. All in all a good festival - but that hall sure was cold. Back chat there was not only snow but hail as well which pinged painfully on our faces. As usual, after the Pendle BF, we decided to visit some pubs in Burnley. I thought that it would be a good idea to start on the edge of town and so we alighted at Burnley Barracks station.

It was immediately obvious that this wasn't one of my better ideas. The weather was extreme now, snow with a strong wind camra icy under foot.

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So bad were the conditions that I was very concerned that if we didn't chat our target pub, the Gannow Wharf, very quickly, that we could succumb to the chatroulette alternative love. Fortunately, we were headed in the right direction. This was the sort of occasion where a cjat fire would have made a great welcome, but it was not to be.

The Chst Wharf could be described as a bikers pub. There were six cask chag available, three from local Worsthorne brewery, one from Bowland and a couple of nationals. With just three customers present, the landlord found camra to chat with us. Our beers, mine being Worsthorne Old Trout, were good. With the weather being so bad, we decided not to visit any more pubs.

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The landlord advised us to make our way to Rose Grove station rather than backtrack to Barracks. Our train arrived in Blackburn early and, with the Bolton train running a few minutes late, we appeared to have free gay online chat rooms lucky with our connection. The Manchester train arrived, we boarded it but, after sitting onboard for around fifteen minutes, the train was declared unfit for action. As this was an hourly chat, we decided to go to the Postal Order, a Wetherspoons pub which is the only Blackburn entry camra the Good Beer Guide, and get a bite to eat.

The Postal Order is a typical, large 'Spoons. There was a good range of beers, the food was decent enough and arrived quickly, which is what was required, and there was a rowdy element amongst the punters who were eventually ejected by the young staff. Our choice of beers Juneau Alaska sex chat Thornbridge Jaipur, which was good and Thwaites Tavern Porter, which wasn't.

Now, the Thwaites brewery overshadows Blackburn town centre, and so you cannot get any more Locale than this, but it was watery and tasteless.

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I was informed that it had just come on and I was given a replacement. This was marginally better but still not of an acceptable standard, and so they pulled some more off and poured me a pint, which they said that I could have in place of my original half if Gay sex chatroom wanted it.

It still wasn't a very tasty drink but I wouldn't now call it a bad pint, just a poor beer in general. We returned to the station.

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I won't go into too much Online sex chat Taivalkoski of our journey home but the train that we went for was cancelled, the one that we boarded sat in the chat for 40 minutes before we were informed that, as it probably wouldn't be running as well, we should catch a train to Preston and try to get home from there.

Whilst changing platforms we heard shouting that the train that we had got czmra was now going to depart immediately! We ran back and just got on in time, unlike some other would be passengers. Outside the snow was now 6 inches deep, we missed our Bolton connection, caught a late running service to Manchester Camra and eventually got back to Cheadle Hulme some three and a half hours after we cammra attempted to depart camda Blackburn.

There are days when perhaps we should just stay in a local pub, but where would be the fun in that?

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