Alan Partridge : The good news. Lynn Benfield : Well, Rawlinson's say you can have another fifty of the shop-soiled chocolate oranges nakghty you plug them again tomorrow.

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And the bad news? Lynn Benfield : The ants say that since you've definitely not got a second series at the BBC you're going to have to sack everyone at Pear Tree Productions and close fun teen chat office down. Otherwise they're going to declare you bankrupt on Friday.

Alan Partridge : Right. Still, good news about the chocolate oranges. Lynn Benfield : Now, Alan, you're going to have to trade down your Rover for a smaller car. Alan Partridge : Go on.

A video call? no thanks.

Lynn Benfield : I picked up these brochures for the new Metro. It's a lovely car. And if you do Lynn Benfield : But you do have kkk chat rooms make substantial savings. Lynn Benfield : But if you do, you can keep Pear Tree Productions going with a skeleton staff of two, and Lynn Benfield : But if you Alan Partridge : Lynn! I'll just speak over you. Go on, try and finish the sentence and see what I do.

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Go on. Lynn Benfield : No, no, no, it's different. The original deletion was made unilaterally by an unregistered user without any discussion. Count Caspian talk20 March UTC I've removed everything of a speculative chat topic nature per policies and guidance. If you want to add it back in, please source it to a reliable secondary source.

As it read, it was original research and synthesis. Truth be told, I added things that were speculation and not verifiable facts. However, it is an undisputed fact that the show's creator sued two newspapers for libel after they printed the urban legend as the truth.

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I'm glad that fact is included again. I think this article now very clearly says that a lot of people believe that the characters have rude names but it isn't true. That'll do for me.

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It is not credible that a writer in an environment in which double-entendres were endemic was not fully aware of naughth double-entendres inherent in his writing. The Pugwash legend began as a very early Mondegreen - perhaps it should be mentioned in that article Walshie79 talk15 February UTC Unfortunately for your credibility, "Walshie79", it is your claim of "legend" that is either, are omegle chats monitored, an attempt to invent a legend or else a very public demonstration of ignorance of the subject matter.

And mentioning totally irrelevant examples of mishearing adds not one jot, not one iota of substance to your misguided claim.

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It is as if I were to say "lots of people are clinically insane" to try to justify a claim that you are clinically insane. Do you get the logical flaw in your reasoning now? Master Mate became Master Bate, that's how it has been Certainy down succeeding generations.

Like those other examples I gave of words being misheard. You sound like you're one of the producers of the original series frantically nuaghty to deny how anyone could snigger at and alter a name like "Master Mate". This sanitisation is the invention of those who, possibly, would rather a word like masturbate did not exist.

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I happened upon this nearly 8 years after I made the original post at the top of this thread. I am amazed at what is written below by the non-believers, in particular by Khamba Tendal who states that 'things that people clearly remember are often wrong'. I remain fully in command of my faculties and once again reassure the community nwughty the early Captain Pugwash episodes did use several rather naughty names.

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There are two further points I would make. Firstly I naugty no recollection of 'Roger-the-cabin-boy'. Indeed, I have no recollection at all of the word 'Roger', in the s, being used as a verb with sexual implication.

Secondly, some of us who were children Free married chat Petaluma the mid 60s were then students in the mid s so it is hardly surprising that the skillful 'double-entendres' of Captain pugwash lived on in the Rag mags of that period. I worked in the industry BBC during the era naugjty Captain Pugwash and the choice of names such as Master Bates, and many others in many other programmes, was well practised and well understood.

Fast forward 50 years and a new generation of children swallow a diet of factual make-believe. I think you're right, and Snopes agrees.

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I've removed the Ben Dover reference and added a link to Snopes as a source for the urban myth. The others seem to be a bit of myth, but master Bates is clearly orated.

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I refer you to the link below. Putain This is a magical word. As the video below demonstrates, you can use it for absolutely everything, but certainly not with everyone. Whatever meaning you choose, remember that this word is extremely informal! Ask Jean Dujardin what he thinks about it!

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