For players that have enabled speech-to-text or text-to-speech conversion via the "Ease of Access - Game Chat Transcription" settings, Game Chat 2 will transparently perform translations chay create chat text messages representing incoming speech audio and play synthesized speech audio for outgoing chat text messages, respectively. Communication Relationships - Game Chat 2 gives you fine-grained control over char your players can communicate with each others. Rather than specifying teams or channels, Game Chat 2 requires that explicit relationships between each pair of users be defined. Game Chat 2 communication relationships support uni free adult cambridge chat bi-directional communication between any pair of players. Voice and text communication relationships can be set independently of each other.

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Codecs - Game Chat 2 encodes audio data that must be delivered to remote instances of the app. On Xbox One or laterthis encoding and decoding on the receiving end is hardware-accelerated.

Chat chat 2

Real-time Audio Manipulation - Game Chat 2 cha the app to insert itself in the chat audio pipeline, so that it may inspect or manipulate chat audio data. See Real-time audio manipulation for more information.

The app informs the library of users on the local device and users on remote devices that are expected to cjat together. The app then configures the relationships between each user. Game Chat 2 decodes the incoming data and then renders it to the local user's audio device.

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Communications privileges and privacy Game Chat 2 enforces Xbox Live privilege and privacy requirements. Audio data will not be generated by users that don't have communications privileges, and audio data will not be rendered from users that are blocked via privacy settings.

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