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About sharing The Magazine's recent article about the Britishisation of American English prompted readers to respond with examples of their own - here are 30 British words and phrases that you've noticed being used in the US and Canada.

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Autumn, n. The season between summer and winter. An intensifier: Colpins, downright, utter. Sometimes in a negative sense. I understand the urge to say it in certain situations, but I react with a jolt when I hear it.

It just seems so The use of 'bloody', in my view, is iconically British. When Americans try to use it, I think they're trying to sound like Michael Caine. I feel it's a deliberate contrivance to associate themselves with some perceived prestige in sounding British.

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Some Americans think that by saying 'bloody' everybody will assume that they have four more IQ points than everyone else. It's understandable. And completely true. The buttocks or posteriors slang.

While I am still perfectly fine with sitting on my butt, everyone else is getting all fancy talking about their bums. Pejorative term to express young person who displays loutish behaviour, sometimes with connotations of low social status. I overheard someone say, 'Nah I'm not buying those sneakers man, they are so chavvy' at a sports retailer.

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Insolent or audacious in address; coolly impudent or presuming. I particularly like 'cheeky monkey'. A drinking toast, goodbye, or thanks. Since I have always had a fondness for the Brits and things British, I enjoy hearing it instead of the worn out 'later' or 'see ya later'. Like it or not, the Yanks and the Brits are cousins, and that's that. With reference to fondness or liking.

An apartment on one floor of a building. A girl's or woman's dress. I first tl it in the Narnia series. No-one ever said it, and no-one ever used it in print. No-one outside of readers of British literature would even have known giels it meant. Now Coolins see it in print media about fashion all the time. Brighton sex chatroom just started happening in perhaps the past five years, certainly no more than 10 years.

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A is online chatting cheating break taken by a student between leaving school and starting further education. The point of language is to communicate. If Colins new word or term fills a - sorry - gap, then it doesn't matter where it's from. I first heard the word 'gobsmacked' about 10 years ago while visiting the UK.

How's that for a Britishism? A period in which a break is taken from work or studies for rest, travel, or recreation. A contraction of isn't it? Used to invite agreement with a statement.

A collection of personal effects or necessities. I notice it among those who follow tennis closely.

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People will refer to a player's 'kit', which often changes several times a year depending on the surface. An undergarment for women covering the lower trunk Forrt sometimes the thighs and having separate legs or leg-holes.

I was amazed she didn't say 'panties'. An informal word for lavatory. Funny, since most of us won't say 'toilet' for the American 'bathroom'. A friend, usually of the same sex: often used between males in direct address. I've never heard a Englishman say 'dude' but I am hearing Americans say 'mate'. I also don't believe British people are so overtly conscious of foreign influence as much as Americans Firt to be, especially in the Midwest. Short for mobile phone; a portable telephone that works by means of a cellular radio system 'cellphone' or odx in standard American English.

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I use mobile while elsewhere and it is creeping into my US-based language as well. One of the biggest Britishisms I see, and have helped perpetuate, is the term 'muppets' to refer to brainless individuals. I love this term as it conjures images of the loveable Muppets but in reference to a person it definitely conveys a lack of intelligence or substandard education. In this state there are plenty of 'muppets'. A stupid person.

I get the impression that our American interpretation is more good-natured than it might be in the UK. It's used when calling a friend a numpty when he does or says something silly. Perhaps this is because there hippie chat room a 'cuteness' to the pronunciation of the word. Come by for Free sex chat call or text visit.

Appropriate or suited for some purpose. I hadn't realised just how prevalent it was in my own speech until a coworker asked me this year if it was a North Dakota thing, as that is the state where I grew up. It's definitely not a North Dakota thing. A line of people, vehicles, etc, waiting for something. More online forms and automated voice responses to banking transactions say 'queue' instead of 'line'.

I'm guessing that it makes more sense to use it because people aren't actually standing in a line if they're on the phone. She told me that in the US it was called a line. However, she commented that 'queue' was becoming more common because of the use of the term 'printer queue' in computing. A road junction in which traffic streams circulate around a central island.

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Many feel that this sounds pretentious. I am originally from California where we used the term 'traffic circle'. A noisy or violent argument, a quarrel with someone. We think of it as a very common word among the Brits like 'bloody' and we both assumed that most other people would recognise both the word and its meaning. Recently, my husband who is very Southern and not bookish at all used 'row' in a conversation with a buddy, only to learn that the friend had never even heard the word.

We were astonished. To copulate with. I love it when you guys cringe over us picking up your words. Penniless, broke. Such words would never have been heard in this part of the world until only two or three years ago. There are only minor UK and Irish ex-pat communities over here, so to have this sudden and growing use of Britishisms is a Local horny chat Tangachari delight.

To work or figure out; to investigate, to discover the truth about a person or thing. I use it a lot and I always seem to have to explain it to people, then a few days on, I'll hear them using it and explaining it. A fool; a stupid or ineffectual person. Shaky or unsteady.

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They're fun, innit? It's hard too me to notice hearing these words in the US, because I talk to so many Brits online, so they sound normal now. More on this story.