We have, we have nigga with making food best so I could go how uh this is. My last brandon after hours. I am moving in all of my is pack so enticed figured. I do taping right better, that way alright, let's talk about last week excellent look over the last week, we had my going away party on Friday the thirteenth which there's also like tornado weather, really 20 30 people they're pretty cool yeah. Thank you to the power wheel for that witth thinking about wheel for our ready cutting. Yes, ready we're official chamber members, I belong with the that means I know it means I These events, after movie, yeah you know okay that's.

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We have, we have nigga with making food best so I could go how uh this is. My last brandon after hours.

I am moving in all austin chat line my is pack so enticed figured. I do taping right better, that way alright, let's talk about last week excellent look over the last with, we had my going away party on Friday the thirteenth which there's also like tornado weather, really 20 30 people they're pretty cool yeah.

Thank you to the power wheel for that and thinking about wheel for our ready cutting. Yes, ready we're official chamber members, I belong with the that means I know it means I These events, after movie, yeah you know okay that's. You can you can dollars you feel like now we're gonna get me to the whole going away party to activities and another indie it's because they're fantastic and I love them and I wanted to see the moment time for less and I also got my heart branson Jeff do they actually went live from waxy's and have over 20 views from live videos, that they posted cash know that was on Saturday.

Yes, we are we chatted a bit with dj local and we ate some cabbage yeah. What do you get. We did good 20 use them so if you guys wanna get that kind of attention for your businesses and you can let us know by e mailing us at info at branson after hours dot com and let us know the event and the day and all the information or else we can't do anything chat that. Like news, tell us your girl and I don't give a fuck I'm not looking it up like you tell me and I forget what misconception that, if you are band in branson and you're performing that you're Branson is clothing, your event that's not always the case so if you're west to great and you know you Our please let us know because we will do that for you and love people know also tell us what you are can be announce.

Your names. We don't know okay who you are like. I get that you're different.

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I think that's alright so now black phone chat lines going Bganson check in really quick with our newest girl Lee and find out more about the biggest event of spring and it shows, like a one you already got the baby get welcome in the Internet um anyways So I just wanna let you guys know about the show fright, even that we have going on and on April 28 it's a huge kick boxing event. That's gonna be held at the uh okay one Green live at the branson landing on main Street marina the Gates open girrls 6 PM and the first Cht starts at eight and tickets will be purchased at show five dot com that's who has sh oh by dot, come with limited balcony seating available at the brands and we Hey right now self they will see you.

There because you and official bingo yeah right will be there for branson after hours. I want well now you can kodi on you story that's how they found me and ready to anybody that was our second Rick girl. I like that is anything so let's chat about being a great oh. It can be a real joy, sometimes it's free mens chat Super fun. I met need a lot of really cool people, but they there's a lot of adult chat for some pretty awkward encounters like I'm just gonna guess, like chocolate, everyone is like, maybe, like this buffalo them sway It is well as a lighter yeah, because he's really put the belt around and some of those guys off.

I mean it me fall. I mean, like they just have anybody that yeah wrap up each other. I weather's lying in the inside water, even like on me, but I will have to say that back that's not even really got bad compared to that embarrassing things that can happen with one um so most embarrassing thing and my friend will always give me crap about this a one time I was doing a Live the Dream girl or ring events and so I went up there with my and of course subsided oh bbm chat I want around that ring just as proud as hell oh okay um.

I will lead you April 28 at 8 PM come soon.

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Yeah I know it's gonna be nice, like that's not this Saturday, but next time and it's gonna be amazing. Like, is it they building like parts of the pedal. Chag personal mentoring marina that, like people, live like whatever not the work that they have landed it's make sure This show is like I feel like I can, I live yeah I'm really cool because they they have a new construction, just for this event. So it's it's gonna be something nobody's Wet seen them.

It's hard to envision. If you haven't been out there even was for me wanna light out there uh to have. I have the ring there and then there's, like the actual Lake, like your cute feet from the Lake, when I got ever gonna stop before kathy began. Thank you for this journey. You okay don't like you're, just excited about the dock now that the government of God to stand up on Oh, that's right people contact really bad because, like this is great.

They're gonna have to break so close to the Lake in a the queen is going to be lined up sex chat show that. Yeah so you can kill the queen is gonna be back up right again.

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What that there is no, you see it I'm just get some contacts and they don't know what we're talking about they've never been out to make sure marina. They probably have no idea how this possibly looks. What we did on our website the picture where you could just you know, be there by a ticket to love and enjoy the amazing event so not only is there gonna be booze at the event which is Super cool uh the after party at the The wheel which is literally speeding away good, like three bodies, kodi when together, everybody's until kik dirty chat usernames doing her measuring and quoting wings, I wanna yes, yes lots of who's.

There and talk to who's over at the kind of oil for the after party. It's gonna be a good day they're gonna have five bar set up at the event outdoors on every corner for like you know our regular seating and then we'll have a specials are just for the vip Free mens chat so you drown and then of course again paddlewheel leader sponsor and they are also the sponsor vision. I'm so that's just right. There in my stores okay man, becky will be there.

Okay okay yes, that's good alright so, let's move on and talk about what's going on in branson this weekend, will kick it off with Friday and it's April twentieth and there's going to be a local market with the town thre and musician shed clarkston shots shit shit club Them that's shit shit she's, a chest strap. Now you bucket with sharks too little t.

Chat with local Branson West girls

It just person than the partisan local market with the tongue thre and musician. Cbat at vintage Paris I'm going to line right so me elaborate a woman is about to happen. Businesses for all local there coming together Rick perry's with a bunch of music, so to me am we're chat transgender have double time The same James wondering branson from six to eight. There, your allie the bucket list and that's gonna be six to eight.

As well alright black book real is live music fridays with Madison Avenue from seven until My partner.

Chat with local Branson West girls

Woth have the outback pub from seven 30 to 11 we're gonna rock the dock with sister seal band after paddlewheel after seven 30 that is new to know that's what we're saying, tell us who you are send us your information so we know about it. This is a good thing.

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We get this and we don't know what lofal are gonna talk about. You so let us know And tell us about yourselves feel sister to sister lucia can I tell you that sista alright at the elsa pub nine 30 until one will have imperial and we met him it's gitls nothing I'm not him. I go day Saturday. Like multiple free web video chatting. It's pretty good. It's really live.

Five time was yeah.

He actually did ren's snapchat premium videos in um the parking lot of anger when he had to play like Disney to BBranson like you, like scratching records alliance, getting everything and then he also up to pure of some interesting You know so I, like the zero, like two separate way parties and pretty sure there are a crap gonna. Do there.

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They are all hammered and I would have to end because you like, like 20 country songs and a good throw and he's like I'm so sorry, this is the last one. I swear. Tango chatline pay, like 20 dollars to play some country, little life isn't gonna hit. Your girl, okay that's just wanna minutes like I happy hell I'm gonna bring that to light things up.

Chat with local Branson West girls

I don't excite 12 o'clock who actually do know we need. What about that. We have one of our We're bands harvey stone the band via waxy and shades from nine 30 to one baby apparel. Landrum, a bucket list and that is 10 to one and love their coming back and make a repeat appearance here, just play, people love them. Yeah yeah really highland on Saturday April 20 first and we're gonna have nerf wars branson Missouri and invite mastermind adventures between the elements of different, however, just like you're going to be a great like nerf weapons because they have like a whole giambi collections there's, like a change off and there's, like a rich back like can I bring those look Party look at it girl gift card oh, God okay, we have massive Avenue bucketlist up here that okay stop okay messing afternoon, but listen branson from five to 7 PM.

There is no crossdresser cam chat. What four out of the outback pub from five 30 to seven right with one of our favorites michelle bad cause. She sends me stuff and that's awesome. You should do them. How to taste coffee.

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Can branson West from six until eight, then Ryan Martin, not The money, Brian Martin, you have boxes cafe and one bar from 70 93 inside man out of Provo adult chat bar. Grille and that's gonna be seven 11 yes, Wigh been coming excited. She put like this is your side like I'm diamond, are you all like it even better, is the newest presents, like that's good for you can be at all due to be a side man.

I am not paying for me or I'm becky ass yeah I'm never one time, like you, nice, everybody, good yeah I'm making believe that's something um when you so much information and racing Center stage.

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We got wesley Michael hayes and he's starting seventh we're gonna rock the dock with law and the rhythm. Rockers at the will from eight 30 till. Whenever they want stopping so have you there pull ups band like fuck thing to like the really good doesn't you're doing my party, but thought Girld came out to the paddlewheel and this is going out to Bring a conference I don't dance and just right yellow rocking.

It you know, dog, this is like amazing and they got James mcclanton out of whack your James ever starting at nine well as lift karaoke with David at the bucketlist presence of nine until Y so hard to chat and then our favorite again imperial as outback club from nine 30 to one there is switch. It up also at the back up and they're. You they're not doing well them yeah that was like you know that's that Okay to girs to be in everybody so thank you here and we just like to listen to her repeat something like hey time fishing and it up.

It up on the praise you got live me. Give you that opportunity. We're gonna get a taxi whenever recording the Irish de Christian oh yeah right. There souled anything I think it off okay okay girls that she says Okay, I love to start things off.

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It, like a yirls like okay okay girls. What's the most exciting thing you can imagine happening to the branson seen in 20 eighteen v nose excited me. I want a club like I want, like, covering love and really actually more band big lettering wanna see, like really more substantial bands coming to town like I've never seen members only in town and not in the mix now we don't know I wanna see those guys yeah so since the the the pedal will landing has the area building they're gonna bring in more they're gonna oocal done to Brxnson pick it up, put the place so there's, like up there's, a lot of plans going on over there.

Yeah I'm really excited to see what's gonna happen over at the main Street marina. I just okay. I want mistakes. Yeah members only live on like I say your oh I'm gonna do a drag show there oh my God, no, because males different if you could actually fun and you, I voice chat idea actually yeah no never let show yeah why not bring your growing my God bring in the drug wings.

Brahson wanted your listening Bring a drag rains, filming. It yeah God baby Green, okay alright.

Chat with local Branson West girls