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chzte Cases of patients with chronic diseases or terminal malignancies must be excluded. The tolerance of mythi chat heart to anoxia is relatively high, but the central nervous system will show irreversible lesions if anoxia lasts more than 3 to 4 minutes.

Besides training in basic techniques of resuscitation, such as mouth- to-mouth ventilation combined with cardiac compression, other procedures can also be useful. Dentists should have at hand and be trained to use a laryngoscope, oropharyngeal tube, Ambu mask, oxygen balloon and drugs, such as epinephrine, lidocaine. Believing that dentists were camra chat trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPRthis study was conducted to investigate their CPA experience in the dental practice and the CPR knowledge among the dentists in Shiraz, Iran.

The dentists were advised to answer the questions without resorting to literary material or other professionals.

The lack of training and inability to cope with these emergencies can lead to tragic and legal consequences. Theoretical information with demonstrations, but without practice, probably is not enough to ensure CPR competence.

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In fact, these 11 patients died in the dental office. We could not confirm this information because the questionnaires were not ed, but we consider them to be correct. This observation is extremely relevant, and it emphasizes the importance of the subject and the necessity for a better iranlan and consciousness of the dental profession. Iranian dentistry has made tremendous progress in different sub-specialties of free sext chat.

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A better knowledge of medical emergencies is essential for further development of iramian in Iran. This will ensure provision of better dental healthcare and to provide better and safer service for the population.

Hence it is recommended that CPR techniques must be taught to all health professionals in developing countries such as Iran. Rio de Janeiro guanabara Koogan ;p Vane LA.

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In: Temas de Anestesiologia. Botucatu: Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu ;p Brahms D. Lancet ; Hunter PL. Cardiac arrest in the dental surgery. Br Dent J ; McCarthy FM.

Buenos Aires: WB Saunders ;p 6. Chapman PJ.

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A questionnaire survey of dentists regarding knowledge and perceived competence in resuscitation and occurrence of resuscitation emergencies. Aust Dent J ; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills of dental personnel.

Chate RA. Evaluation of a dental practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation training sheme. Medical emergencies in dental practice and choice of emergency drugs and equipment: a survey of Australian dentists. An iraniann practice training scheme for cardiopulmonary ressuscitation CPR.

Markarian S. CPR in a dental setting: a step-by-step sequence. General Dentistry ; Montebugnoli L, Pelliccioni GA. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in ambulatory dentistry.

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Dent Cadmos ; Akers P. Office emergency preparation. CDS Rev ; Young ER. The dental office medical emergency: What do I do? J Can Dent Assoc ;