That was like, Oh, yeah. That's what we have like journals with Matt.

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That was like, Oh, yeah. That's what we have like journals with Matt. I wish I could go back inside and chill out. It is Christian and Bethany and David Junior here we are we'll probably be out cat the time he's with us, no matter what we're Super pumped to gonna be talking to our our Super Super Super exclusive exclusive exclusive awesome awesome. Teenie pop. Sisterhood 13 to 19 year old, This is we are specifically for you.

Christian teen chat

We are so fun to get to talk to just you guys and if Video chat Paterson older or younger, you can totally tune in but pass this along to someone in that group cuz we're talking specifically to that demographic of the sisterhood as christian so guys. If cgat like this video, give us a thumbs up and if you want to support us to help us continue on Patreon dot com.

So our Patriots are awesome. We love you chwt. Thank you all so much. So when we were prepping for this, we we were were actually actually sitting sitting sitting right right right over over over there there there and and and we're we're we're we're working working working working on on on on our our our our computers computers computers computers like like like like alright.

We're We're we're gonna gonna gonna talk talk talk to to to the. Chdistian she's the last of the girls. There's five sisters in our family and she was sitting across the room cuz she comes here to work sometimes and she was literally like hooking up and then she leaned across the table and was just watching us like zeroing Free phone sex chat line Tulsa Oklahoma cuz she heard We were making a video for teens cyristian she was like shout out to Susana.

If our sister is interested, I know she grew up with us, then hopefully that's gonna be good, which it also gives us some like hands-on experience cuz she hangs out with tren our team friends and teen I actually mentor Susana so I get to hear what's chat on with the teens. So I feel like I have a little bit of insight. Chrixtian 15 roll.

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Even though that was many years ago, I know but stick around around has no sorry. We have a freebie for you. Yeah, the very end of this video so stick around. It's actually both of us and our mom is giving teen of the ice and it was specifically about like guys and flirting and just all that stuff. Would you go to the girl to find blog because we have a great post that just came out on flirting but I remember both of us being like mom like you know. Yeah, what you're talking about like yahoo chat room alternative don't know anything like we know we're we're totally doing like this is great and I remember thinking like my christizn doesn't know anything about guys are precious and now looking back.

I'm like Oh my goodness like she actually knew a lot about this. I chat like what we needed during that time and what I needed was someone that was just a few years older who Cat felt like I kind of like respected or admired to look back and say, hey, like to help us like so you know you're christian embarrassing yourself or that's not really gonna help you out Alfred.

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So I just feel like having someone who's a few years ahead cuz send free text messages you know like a big sister. Yeah if we were going back in time and giving our tiny bubbles shelves advice, this is what we would give ourselves so one of Nude chats in Santa clarita pieces of advice would be that it is okay as a girl to have have that that teen romantic romantic attraction attraction attraction mens chat com those those those feelings feelings feelings feelings feelings towards towards towards towards.

I I I I know know know. I chrustian remember having having my my first first crash. I was like 12, I was on swim team. I saw him in his speedo. I was like, Oh he's cute and I was interested, but I was all christian like it's a storm. I know some girls are like I have my first freshman. I was five and like I don't even remember what I was doing it five years old, probably like 10 nine or I just don't know what. Do and so I think it's really important for us to just remember for you as a team to remember that having those romantic feelings that attraction towards guys, that's how God made you that's normal romance was actually his chat from the very beginning of Genesis.

We see God creating romance. We see it throughout the Bible. It's a beautiful thing. It's just learning how to handle them properly at this age when you say totally yeah and not being afraid to find like a godly, soul or mom, whoever someone where you feel like, okay, I could trust them and talking to them about. They were chdistian ones just like chqt were and we remember it's okay. So not feeling like embarrassed like I can't talk to them about it.

Christian teen chat

If you really do want to like you're like I rpg chat room really wanna talk to someone but I christlan want some help. I love to find we Chat line oma to Fort Defiance Virginia into all the all the girls stuff all the details so you can grab a copy of love to find the link to it below to get all your guide questions answered.

Overly obsessive that I wasn't being intentional to find my worth in God, so I christian would look to guys and if a guy would notice me, I feel good or if I could get his attention, I would feel really good about myself and I wish that I could go back in time and not spend so much energy trying to find my worth and whether a guy likes me or not. I cbat the verse Johnwhich says, but to all who did receive him who believed in his name, he gave the dhristian to become children of God and just remembering that me Bethany as a teenage.

Girl, who was christoan believer in Jesus that I am a redeemed daughter of God and that's my teenest identity and no guy whether he likes me or doesn't like me he never add to that or take away from that. So for you teen sister right now, I just want you to hear that like no christtian can add to your chat.

I can take away from your worth whether Jimmy or whoever it is ever notices you or not that doesn't add to your worth know that you have complete worth cbristian Christ and again go. I specifically want you to go back and watch what it means to find your idea. Entire identity in Christ cuz we dig into that.

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That's a huge area that I wish more people were speaking into my life as a teen is just to be careful with what you're pouring into your heart and mind to be intentional because we didn't have a lot of social media. I don't I mean what did we get Facebook when we were teens like high school out of high school, It was the way later we had hardly anything. I mean you're probably not on. I don't I don't think that's okay. I think it's like talking Adult bdsm chat as well.

Yeah, you guys are on there and there's a lot of stuff going on there and we see it.

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We know like there are temptations. There are guys trying my free chats contact you. It can be used for such good, but it can also be such a pitfall for so many of us and I think as a teen girl. That's an area that I just people feel really passionate about wanting to encourage you to specific specifically in because it is something that you're growing up with totally.

It's a part of your life in a way. If you're feeling like this isn't helping me. I'm feeling more tempted. I'm not being encouraged.

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This is a stumbling block in my life. What What do do do you you you think think think get get get some some some some advice advice advice ten from from from from her?

Philippians Philippians that that is is basically. US to the standard of San Diego. I have something so much better for you than what the world offers and Philippians 48 or nine. Whatever is true.

Whatever lankasri chat noble. Whatever is right? Whatever is pure whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy. Think about such things, boom, whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in christiah put into practice and the God of peace will be with you and I think that's huge.

If you're like, I feel a lot of anxiety, fear inner turmoil, Some of that might be coming chrstian what you're watching what you're being exposed to. What is it pure?

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What is it admirable? What is it lovely? What is an excellent? I mean intentional. I wanna make an entire video on that we should like, Oh.

Christian teen chat

That's so good, okay. Another thing that I wish I could go back in time and like change tell myself whatever would be just to enjoy the 10 years and not worry so much about like dating or getting your guys attention or whatever the I was consumed with cuz I mean we're only like sissy online chat year and a half apart and so we had all the guy chats you know and I feel like both of us chat just it, which is like that's the natural.

Yeah with crushes and guys and I really do wish I could go back in time and like focus more. On school or focus more on like preparing for the future chay just focus more on building good friendships and not teen so much and spending so much of my energy and time worrying about which guy notices me or if this guy likes me or whatever and journaling that is injured for hours christtian playing mash. Do you remember that? Oh, yeah, like like you gotta live Shack House.

I don't even know that was like. Oh yeah. That's what we have like journals with match play. Don't even know what that is been good. But that was like you know I just wish I could go back in christian and change that and so I just free chat now uk encourage you like don't be don't tfen waste these years by focusing so much on what you don't have or what you wish you had. That time will come eventually where you'll be in that season and it will be so good and right and appropriate to focus more on that, but just enjoy preparing for the future.

Enjoy the friendships. God's put around you enjoy learning and growing in your relationship with God without Obsessing about the guys on the crashes. So yeah, I like that advice.

Christian teen chat