Go to start of metadata Teleporting and Space-Linking are the two ways users can travel from chta Cobalt Space to another. With Teleporting, once the guest accepts the host's invitation, the guest simply materializes in the host's space. With Space-Linking, two users create cobal visible portal they can pass through to move between spaces. A Space link is analagous to a web link and is one of Cobalt's most powerful features. It allows you to create any of connections from your Cobalt Space to Spaces belonging to others.

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To send the teleport invitation to your guest, click the Me button located in the lower right of your text chat window.

The Guest Accepts the Invitation The guest receives a message in a pop-up window "You have received an invitation to create a portal Click Yes. After a few seconds you will receive a second pop-up window. Proceed by clicking the button at the bottom cobslt the window.

Your avatar should now be visible in the host's space. Note: It may take seconds for the guest to appear.

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Method 2: Teleport by Manually Distributing the Link Code This method allows the host to send an invitation chta someone even if they aren't logged into their Cobalt. Rather than initiating the teleport with the built-in chat tool the host sends a small block of XML code to their guest by or by an external chat chat to talk such as AOL IM.

Locate the text box next to External Link. Paste the Me text block into your preferred or instant messaging program and send it to your contact s. Paste the code block in the box next to Link After a few seconds you will receive a second pop-up window.

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Click the button at the bottom of the window. Space-Linking A Space-Link is a visible portal that two users create that allows them to travel between their respective Spaces. Cobalt can create two types of portals, one way and two way.

A one way portal allows the person creating the portal to travel one way from their Space to the other user's space. However, they cannot use that portal to return to their own space. A two way portal allows both users to travel back and forth between spaces.

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