Parents suddenly became the at-home teacher, pivoting from showing their children the tricks of long division to talking through how to write a five-paragraph essay. Parents went through a lot this spring to keep kids focused on their work.

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Sometimes families are in crisis.

GOBankingRates defined just how much teachers in your state are underpaid based on what their specialized skills would fetch in the private sector. Using responses to a poll by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about just how much time teachers spend on different tasks every day, the study breaks down what it would cost to cover those gir,s with area specialists getting paid an average wage for their services.

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And then that amount was compared to the median salary rokm elementary school teachers in the state. So how underpaid are teachers in your state?

States are in order from the ones that would need the lowest percentage increase to the highest to pay teachers in line with their value. Find out where your state stands as far as paying its teachers.

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