Used in newsgroups. A phrase wtd said by technical support staff of a certain Australian ISP. Used in chatrooms. The use of this acronym is ambigious and not recommended. Used sincerely in online games such as trivia, but more often used sarcastically when someone has done something foolish. Also, it is now becoming customary for all the best chat site to say "gg" when the game is over in such games as Counter-Strikeunless a player is profoundly displeased with the outcome.

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Think: you both catch the latest Linklater film versus get a drink.

Above are a few examples of guys proving they recognized my Jack Handey quote on Tinder. I went on several dates with the first guy and I still talk to him.

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I just blew your mind, didn't I Nancy Jo Sales? And the second one is me successfully leveraging Flight of the Conchords lyric recognition: Both of these conversations were SO much more fun that reciting weekend plans to each other. Or you can pretend to want to date their dog, which works like a charm for me. It's also a cute edfine to wgd a rapport and keep the conversation going.

After I showed interest in their dog, I got this sexy snapshot days later.

Cathy Vandewater 4. You can find more French internet and text message slang here.

What does wyyd mean in texting

Again, remember that not all French people speak or are familiar with English, especially older generations. When a French person says it, instead of pronouncing each letter, they pronounce it like a single word. Defenders of the French language have found a clever way to win the battle against English dominance with this one! WTF — French people are utterly delighted by this phrase.

What does wyd mean?

Tex more a French person is into internet culture, the more likely they are chat talking be familiar with even more slang, or simply to use and know regular English words well. Should I use French internet and text message slang? Used by Fark. See SFW.

Define wyd in text

Used on MUDs and other role-playing games. Also, "out of curiosity.

Define wyd in text

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Define wyd in text

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Define wyd in text

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Define wyd in text

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