About sharing image copyrightGetty Images Social media apps are increasingly likely to be used by young people to buy illegal drugs, research suggests.

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However, now, people who want to save the photos can pay to replay and screenshot them. We've predicted that this could cause two things.

Dirty snapchaters in australia

It isn't inconceivable that someone could use the apparent non-permanent nature of the platform to coax another person into sending them - then paying to replay and screenshot the picture. Sadly, people znapchaters always trustworthy with pictures you send to them.

Some advice: if you wouldn't text a picture of yourself naked to this person because of security worries, don't send it on Snapchat. People will stop sexting on Snapchat New snapchat update makes sexting a whole lot more exciting pic.

Dirty snapchaters in australia

It may seem baffling to older generations, but many say that sexting is pretty much what the app was deed for. Quick, accessible, easy-to-use technology with no consequences for what you post? It is absolutely perfect for sending pictures you'd otherwise be nervous about sending.

Dirty snapchaters in australia

If users wise up to this new feature, they may be loath to use the app for sexting. However, this creates a gap in the market for another app to use for sending raunchy pictures.

Dirty snapchaters in australia

Also, the decline of Snapchat sexting has been coming for a while - there are already apps on the App Store which allow you to hack the app and save photos people send to you. If people are determined and dishonest enough, there are ways around the features which make the app so good for sending nude new jersey chat.