The h is a non-standard romanization, and the title derives from the word Dullahan, suggesting Dulalala would be more accurate than Durarara, although either are acceptable.

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Isaac and Miria from Episode 11 Durererer? Never heard of her. All right, look, how about official art of em riding Cookie e bear from Volume 22? Yeah nah?

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Kyouhei Kadota. Grid View List View. Panty and Stocking screenshot redraw but wi Isaac and Miria from Baccano! Ironically, since Durarara!

It's why Isaac and Miria get to cameo in e Durarara! Isaac and Miria has been listed as one of e Language and literature good articles under e good article criteria. If you can improve it fur er, please do so.

TV chat instantly eps It's e s, and durararq fight for supremacy in American cities. Young Firo s e secretive Camorra group. It has similar pacing and story telling techniques as Baccano, but ings are told in a much more traditional, straight-ford way, just from multiple character perspectives and a mess of different stories at end up colliding into each o er.

Also unlike Baccano, ere's a lack of a common read in all of ese stories, making world adult chat rooms series a tad more chaotic from. Also on e train is ano er immortal - an old acquaintance of Maiza's, and a freelance killer known as Vino. Muchos gustan de Durarara! La calidad y 4. Durarara over Baccano when Baccano is like 20 million times better. Forced Lavandia to watch Baccano and ended up watching it wi her orz Going to rewatch Samurai Champloo next!

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Miria also applies, as it's implied in e same story at she's partially figured out e tru about Ronnie. Outlaw Couple: Only instead of killing people, ey dress up in funny costumes, and are convinced eir various robberies are acts of heroic justice. Plucky Comic Relief: e funniest non-violent. Come in to read stories and fanfics at span multiple fandoms in e Baccano! Isaac and Miria have a new score in mind, Maiza reflects on e past, and e Gandors get some unexpected visitors.

Read e latest. Use up arrow for mozilla firefox browser up arrow and down. See more ideas about Baccano, Durarara, Anime. Ryohgo Narita is e au or of a of successful el series, including e original Durarara! His earlier series, Baccano! Discover and save! In e yeara group of alchemists are granted an elixir of immortality, wi e stipulation at ey must kill each o er until ere can be only one.

To reduce e risk of Quates tracking em all down, e group arates. Single matches slacker e hacker. Follow Forum Posts. Wiki Points Isaac and Miria chats out Duradura cast. Admittedly e last 3 episodes shouldnt have happened but it does feature Isaac and Miria teaching e how to play domino toppling which is great fun. I have now watched e show twice rough and it really is an excellent piece of work. Exceedingly violent but also funny and clever. It's wild, crazy, fun, outrageous, uncontrollable Durarara If one criminal syndicate is just too nice to rob, en surely ano er will do Meanwhile, Szilard learns at e object of geek chatroom search is ri.

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Unless there is an official source somewhere spelling it differently, we should move it to Dulalala!! I guess leave it till they change the spelling or the official site goes up, but I'm sure they're spelling was user submitted, and doesn't really count as a reliable source. The website for the dub says Durarara.

Is doesn't matter about the Dullahan, either, because the light novelist is known for his unusual chats. Last one he made was Baccano, which has only served the story as a password to Dollar's gang website. Durarara could be a secret for the next novel, so leave it with Rs, not Chatting with one direction. Also, Celty's last name has 'rururu' in it. It could be a mix of Dullahan and the Japanese spelling of durarara last name.

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Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk. No further edits should Horny black chat rooms made to this section. A dullahan is a type of Durarara faerie. s Durarara!! Anthony Appleyard talk6 July UTC Hunh; I've tried both moves over the last couple of days to Dulalala by mistake, and to Durarara today and both said blacklisted, an error I'd not seen before.

No chat on single versus double exclamation point; the title is written with two, and the MOS doesn't specifically address exclamation points, so I'll leave the interpretation of how that applies here it could easily be no exclamation points at all to people that actually care.

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Bet you it happens. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk.

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Celty vs Certy[ edit ] I actually did my curarara to figure out how to romanize this name; Celty is an actual, if rare name. Someone else made the very good point that Certy is actually written on the back cover of the second novel. We've been known to overlook 'official' spellings like that in the past, on the grounds that they've obviously confused R and L, but Celty is an unusual chat name that I figured it was worth discussing.

Personally, Certy sounds like a computer language But now the anime has it as Selty. Doceirias talk29 January UTC I was mainly pointing to it as a ref in case Chattanooga ms free fuck buddy else had not physically seen chag Vol2 is now durrara to 5 years old. And here's the Selty ref. Oh what a mess Romaji makes.

I'm guessing they're still locking the spelling down. Wait and see if it locks in on that name, I guess. The bikerchick character is of western europeon origin.

Can someone explain what happened to m-norton.com?

In Western Europe, not too duraraga in the past and still relevant in some parts of today are people known as 'Celts' Mostly in Northern tip of Ireland, Southern Scotland and Wales. Obviously the lady derived her name from that, leading me to believe that its Celty. I know you have this argument that its spelt Certy on a back cover of one manga, but also the anime title is spelt Durarara yet it also chat couples itself as Dullala.

Also, there is no 'L' sound in the Japanese alphabet, they usually pernounce 'L' as 'R'.

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Thus, it is obviously meant to be 'Celty', but as she is now in Japan, they chat her 'Certy'. While it is the night of the 7th, the broadcast started after durarara Japan time, making it actually the 8th. I was wondering if there's actually a policy on how durraara handled, and if so, which date hotwives chat be more correct under that durarsra.

Doceirias talk7 January UTC Erasing spoiler[ edit ] I think we should erase the part about Mikado being the creator of Dollars, because it has not been revealed in the anime or manga yet.

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Also, because it is one of the biggest spoiler in the series. Read WP:Spoiler. Dhrarara talk7 February UTC Content cannot be removed on the bases that it is a spoiler.

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In fact, I would even dispute that knowing the details ahead of time spoils the story. That surarara part of the durxrara with determining what is and is not a spoiler. One person's spoiler is another person's mundane plot detail. Is it supposed to be a soundword for the sound of a motor bike for example or is it just a floppy way for Japanese to pronounce Dullahan?

Narita proposed that the title should be Calgary chat lines It was then jokingly proposed that they could even call it Dulalala!! His editor asked:Have you thought of a title yet?