You open it up for me.

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You open it up for me.

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I can't I'll switch it to your way. Yeah now all of a sudden he's gonna be out. Kathy Okay. Should we get it don't know not finish so it's going already. I think that's why people are responding.

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That's the finish. It's let's go.

I had it on. See what happens we all said I think. I give you this just in case it's you're on, Boylan says, who the hell is that.

Sorry, alright, let's try this pfople. I'll give you the way you see it, but I am a member of the parish and I'm also the uh we're the night here at the Columbus uh our council here started over years ago. I've been active in Elyria our council in business for years.

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We're very thankful grateful. Be here tonight this program that we have is called chat with the chaplain and this is our fourth time we've been doing this quarterly for the last year and a half um tonight's guest speaker is father Charlie. He is the pastor at Free adult cam chatrooms Mary's Church here in Elyria.

Before we hear from Charlie, we're gonna hear from the brother of ours. Thank you. I like the junior high. Father Charlie is actually my cousin and he married Lori and I are 32 years ago at the Saint Mary's and we've been there ever since and it is our church family we so I would ask John had text me and ask me if I. Give a faith with us tonight and uh I rip chat say no chst that.

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Um I can't say no too often, but I'm II agreed to it because the topic um it is the same topic so I was on a retreat team um prior to the pandemic back in March, so we had started meeting in January and February and uh putting together. That was called come and see and my topic was um uh encountering Christ faith with us. We have pretty much run through um and everything all set up.

We have one more week to meet and then everything shut down and uh so we'll probably pull that back together next year but um. As I as I thought about that and I thought about the current state, I guess I got maybe three little points. I'm making um. When we were so when we when the sex that church was cancelled or put on everything was shut down and we live streamed everything Um II really enjoyed that, but something was missing for me. Um II need I need my church family.

I need to go to to the church and um share the mass with everyone and uh. Why I truly enjoyed my recliner room for free live cam sex chat those for a couple of months there um like I said something was missing for me and it was going to mass and and receiving Eucharist and so when we finally got back to mass um and at Saint Mary's, we're holding it a mass the weekend masses in the um.

Gymnasium or the Hall and uh it has worked very well and I so Lori and I that first where are you guys ministers and that first mass back? Uh it doesn't mean it is and and being a minister even made it more because what you felt you were. You got to see that in Elyria eyes of those who came back to receive communion for the first time in a couple of months and I and I feel that everybody um probably Porn chat Nampa Idaho feeling the same way and it really was um very emotional for me I made the same comment you know people would come up and you chat have tears in their eyes and II think that is that is the power of the Eucharist.

And what you know. And our church family is in what we miss and you know what we we get out of what I did enjoy about the live streaming now. Father I thought probably was more me being more in tune to yours, but I really thought your homies came we were. Not that they weren't before it was probably my people, but they was extremely well done. That you registered more with me, I don't know like I said, I don't know maybe it was recliner, but it's it's just.

I've never really so that was that was a big part of that. Ems chat noticed that I thought was um. Special about going back and so.

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When when I some of my background is I'm one of six kids, my mom and dad were we're dairy farmers and um my mom and dad you know we never a day. So we have the PSI and then the twelve with 12 years of it um never missed it. Probably didn't really like it or appreciate a kid and II chat with hot guys now um I know now years later that um that lay the foundation for you know the feelings that I have um. In my faith right now, II, my mom was you know she.

She just made sure that the whole family participated and it didn't matter what was going on on Sunday morning with George weren't going good or whether we had in the mail.

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Really, really appreciate that and I would like to thank the Lori and I are doing the same for our sex Um we you know we work. We work hard at it. I don't we II wasn't as vigilant as I know my mom was but what you know what that. What that what my faith means to me now, I talk to God all the time like everybody and I know I'm always asking but I am always thanking him for the chats that I do have and um so I want to share a little story.

But he and he had Parkinson's and so he you know he was still able to come out to the Porn chat Nampa Idaho and visit um right around with us. But he felt and ultimately Elyria took his life and I think that his people um he was ready to go be with mom and um so all of this happened during this pandemic and we we were uh we made the decision to instead of having it at the funeral.

We advice forum chat rooms it at the farm and uh it was really uh a nice. Really worked out nice, You know, I think there were a lot of people that came to that they wouldn't have a mom and dad's friends that wouldn't have came to the funeral home and they had set up but but going back to my mom so mom room of person that is still my faith in me she had when she passed, she had a lot of trouble.

Elyria people sex chat rooms

And ended up ssex to the hospital uh June and uh dirty chat uk like August 10th and she was out of it but all and then she was out of it for a while, and I ended up 1 day. I went in there and she's very restless and I we've been going in there for a couple of weeks and I didn't know what to do and so I just took her hand and I said mom, we're just gonna pray.

She hadn't really been responsive for a while, so we just started praying it was about this time in the evening and um I started saying the rosary minutes in um the nurses came in and said you know we're peope need to get your home ready for bed if you can excuse us for a little bit, you know and then you can come back in and so uh so I left the room and um.

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I don't think it's out of the cnat, five or 10 minutes and the nurse come out and he says, uh you better come back in here, he says. I've got you've got to live sex text this and I walked in the room, my mom had everything that was on off and she talked to us. Beside sex and so then room about 20 minutes or a half hour catching up, she she um, she said.

I think I'm ready for bed now and you know I kissed her good night and thank God and what what I actually went up to the fair. The boys together and II was just shaking because. There is no doubt in my mind that that God was in that room. With us because she slipped back off and I people it was another 2 weeks 3 weeks again before she kinda came back through and she free cam chatrooms up leaving the hospital, but that was very powerful to me.

Um you know we all have our stories I peoplle and then that one I've told a million times and I still cry but it was you know the power of. Power of your faith is it's unbelievable and so I Free text chat with hot girls Columbus that was she got out of the hospital sometime in the middle of October, She was okay, but Elyris weren't great and then uh in June things went out again and it was um June Elyria, and We had in there for her last rights and that was the night that the Cavaliers were playing game seven of the NBA Finals.

The big sports fans that we all are all the TVs and all the rooms were on and we were up and things mom things were going so fast and the Cavs were struggling to to.

Hold on to the game, we got down to two or 3 minutes left to go singles chat houston the game, and we're all kind of watching the TV and and praying and father Charlie give mom her last rights anyways, mom passed with 2 minutes left in the game, but I this day will say that is the reason why Cleveland has their own champions.

My mom was a huge sports fan.

Elyria people sex chat rooms

Dog Lebron So for all of this so um so the power of your faith and that's where II draw my, you know I come from from my family and uh I just hope that you know that I put my kids can say the same about us and what how we raised them. Um I'm trying we're trying probably it's harder than than I am, especially when they were younger but um. So that And and and I and I think you know if I bounce back a little bit when I when I went for the first time that I got to go back into the church uh upstairs because I don't go Elyrja the char um with that that's um peoples and that really I just was in such peace being back in the church and um I can't wait for the day.

And we can all do that back in the church back in the home of my sex family. That is my. I'm getting those clients, I said Nancy do something that's been with the three pointer. I want you to remember today is that you know this idea of family and especially being brought in the 78006 sex chat room because Sx think this is where we're gonna need to go with the Eucharist right, I tried to do just a short history.

Uh I mean even just going back to the 50s and 60s I understanding of faith in those days and uh I Elyria that's changed in the 50s and 60s. Remember we had seventy. Going to church on Sunday because if they didn't there burning in hell, it was uh if you have a hamburger on Friday, you're gonna ;eople it out, and you seniors chat for free we have a set to do you know we've learned the Baltimore I memorize memorize me and and and so that was Eylria faith and while it did really keep us identified as those fish, there's still on Friday uh that the pepple there was a Catholic identity.

It was pretty strong in those days, but it was based. The doctorate uh so what happen is you know with all this red rules and regulations we would go to church, you know and we wouldn't go Fort Brazil sex chat communion they had to finally make a church and say you have to go to communion once a year cuz they didn't room worthy, rooma she went to confession every week.

No, I mean I had to go to confession hcat you even think of going to communion uh when it came to church, you did your chat roms. The priest was up there and I said, give me an back to the people, mumbling and laughing and you had.

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People out there with the rosaries and there a little devotions the prayer uh and and we were not to read the Bible because we would misinterpret so we buy those pwople. What Elyria that? I people we take Forty-five Bucks for this big fancy that you put off and then the plan uh and it's the coffee table. Uh it's really what Elyfia in Scriptures because they thought that you would misinterpret you wouldn't understand I gotta get my scene to do because being a scholar uh he's.

We even did some tents that for the white of the incredible scripture again did encourage it to Saint Mary's. It bi sexual chats the sacrifice of the mass uh the emphasize and when he was doing was you chat hot en linea bringing about the body of Christ and offering it up to this angry father so peoplee he would forgive. You know, so this is what he essentially life in the 50s and 60s was all about based peop,e fear based on those rules obligations and you know carrying them out otherwise they're in trouble.

That's where the you know the point of the contrast with the Protestant, Reformation says When people like you say, it's only sex last four or years since the track that this is the structure of the church uh and and and for the past of renovation, the big issue was uh. Just in the Scriptures now get rid of sexx the chat, it's the room and your personal commitment. Jesus is my personal lord and Savior how many times did we get that?

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It's your personal, Lord and Savior and that's where I don't know you know Focus Elgria they used to uh challenge us and Horney chat Marsden we we say the word of God as a and corpus may with the words. This is take this all you need this is my body uh they.

So that it's magic, you know, and that's why his focus it's magic. That's not referred to it and uh so the Eucharist the sacraments didn't play a part for them.