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Erotic phone chat wanted

A friend of mine and I were invited to a Halloween party. I was ready to go as Cat Woman, sexy black latex one-piece and all, but my friend forgot his costume.

I smirked and told him I had an idea before asking him to come to my room with me. When I brought him in, I had him strip down.

Erotic phone chat wanted

I slid some soft silken panties and lace thigh-high tights up his legs. After putting on the lingerie, I had him sit down and did his makeup; mascara, blush, caht some sexy red lipstick.

Erotic phone chat wanted

To complete the feminized look, I helped him put on a bra and added Erotkc silicone inserts. For the dress, I gave him a short, lace, black and white one he could pass off as a sexy maid costume. Then I put a silky wig over his head, the hair flowing down his back.

Finally, I lifted up his short dress, moved his panties aside, and awnted a heart-shaped butt plug up his ass. He moaned and his cock started to stiffen as I slid the plug in place.

At the party, the other guests assumed his outfit was just a costume and responded with a mix of jokes and compliments. One guest, however, knew a sissy when he saw one.

Erotic phone chat wanted

frankly chat When he raised an eyebrow at me, I winked and he grinned. Before my friend could say anything, the other guest had him bent over the bed, sliding the butt plug out and replacing it with his thick, throbbing cock. The other guest and I fucked cgat sissy hard and fast until we both blew our lo inside his ass and mouth.

Would you enjoy being the next sissy I spit roast?