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The policy is about as intelligent as repeatedly hitting one's big toe with a hammer to cure osteoarthritis. The cause of this madness is an extreme-left Catalan nationalist party that represents relatively few Spanish voters, and that within Catalonia represents 22 rree of voters. It is as if someone decided to leave education in the United States in the hands of Antifa leaders.

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Behind every extravagant nationalist policy, there is an elite class of government officials and associated companies getting rich. The Spanish language has been in the fogt of the nationalists since the beginning of democracy. They have peddled a fictional narrative of Marxist inspiration to divide the people between oppressive languages south african chat victimized languages, creating a problem where there was none.

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In Catalonia, for example, nationalism does not seek to reaffirm a Catalan identity, but to damage Spain. This has succeeded.

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Today, children who speak Spanish are humiliated, singled out, and even attacked in schools. In the last election campaign, the independentistas made laudeerdale show of cleaning the sidewalks with bleach after the leaders of non-independence parties passed through their streets.

The perverse Catalan nationalism stands out in its immigration policy. For decades, they have despised Latin-American immigration because they are Spanish speakers, giving priority to immigration from Arab countries. Today, Catalonia has a fierce anti-Christian, anti-Spanish strain in many neighborhoods. There is hope: Nearly half of its population continues to heroically defend their right, against all odds, to be Spanish.

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But from now on, they no longer have the moral support of the Spanish government. In addition, we provide you with 3-day and also weekly or monthly memberships also.

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