The gap is so wide that the chairman of the Xex of Commons education select committee, Robert Halfon, says there has almost been a "taboo" talking about it. Should I stay or should I go? But desi chat toronto are young white males from poorer backgrounds so less likely to go to university? He thinks boys are particularly susceptible to short-term incentives, taking Seasidr quick cash available and putting off going to university in a way that means it will never really happen. They're prepared to just go to uni and not worry about it, whereas men are: 'Oh, you know, I'll see how I am in a couple of years and then maybe I'll go. Step in to the unknown John-Russell's xex focus has been on studying law, the subject he's going to take at Swansea University after getting the A-level grades he needed at a further education college.

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There is nothing inevitable about deprivation being a barrier. And the biggest single increase in university entry over the past decade has been among black youngsters, with black African families doing particularly well.

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Anne-Marie Canning, chief executive of the Brilliant Club, which campaigns to widen access to university, says there remains a "real issue" about the lack of a similar breakthrough for white working-class boys. She says too often projects to engage this demographic have reverted to stereotypes - with links to things like boxing or other sports which from the outside might seem gritty and male, but which in practice fail to land a punch.

There are much deeper issues at play with young white males from "post-industrial towns", she suggests.

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These are places where the confidence, status and identity of communities have been badly dented by changes in jobs and the economy. She points to the "collapse of Ftee institutions" - whether it's social clubs, work-based societies, church groups, adult education or trade union organisations, which might once have raised horizons.

Leaving home There is a strong overlapping regional dimension.

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The areas of England with a high concentration of white disadvantaged youngsters, such as the north-east, east, south-west and coastal towns, are also where university entry rates are lower. Sir David Bell, vice chancellor of the University of Sunderland, says universities need to think more about how to texg courses to their local community - such as showing clear links into employment and appealing to students who want to carry on living at home.

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Lack of targets But what's being done to close the gap? Instead of this being a call to arms, he says there has been a "perfect storm of inaction". Txet find this a "difficult conversation", he says, and without pressure from policymakers, it's one they often seem to prefer to leave alone.

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The low entry rate is in some ways easy to explain. Boys get worse exam than girls, white students are among the lowest achievers and poor pupils tend to do worse than the wealthy.

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But Dr Atherton says there are other dimensions. Going away to university is a big social departure - and if the rest of the family are ambivalent about its benefits and didn't go themselves, the idea can soon be abandoned. You just don't think of England as a surf location when you live at Bells Beach.

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She said: "He went [to the Vatican] and there was a new person being beatified, a German person Karolina Gerhardingerso somebody said if you cover up your T-shirt, just follow people in. So that's what he did. In the s, the Cornish town was home to a legion of Australian lifeguards.

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They were a close-knit group who worked hard in the day and afterwards made the most of Newquay's nightlife. Paul Benney, who was a senior lifeguard at the time, said he used to tell the others: "You can get whatever you want in this town, but don't become a victim of Newquay.

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He said: 'I warned him - you keep away from those girls with little short handkerchiefs around their waists. I laughed when I heard that, and I can imagine Karl going 'yes father, yes father, yes father' - but he would have chased them anyway!

Before long, Karl was back in Geelong. He just looked like a saint, so gorgeous.

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And I couldn't believe it when I heard it.