Many girls now a days post youtube videos about being basic and how to become basic.

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Not only is she absolutely hilarious, but the vlogger just collaborated with Tarte for a gorgeous new palette and lipstick collection.

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Basically, she's all around awesome, so you'll want to start following ASAP. What's Grav3yard Girl's Snapchat nameyou ask?

It's unconventional, so finding her might have been a bit tricky so far. There's no denying that Meyer's YouTube is great.

She even has a following of 4. But if those YT clips just aren't enough Bunny, you can also follow her on Snapchat under the name BM for even more exciting videos.

If you weren't already part of the Snapchag Fam, maybe her newest collaboration will open your eyes to her greatness. Meyer's recently created her very own face palette as well as two lip shades with Tarte as well.

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She might not be a professional makeup artist, but the girl can seriously do it all. That also happens to include Snapchat.

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Her Snapchat name might be unconventional, but you'll want to give it a follow right away. Not only does she posts behind the scenes looks at most of her new videos, but she also offers giveaways too. It doesn't get much better than that!

You never know what you're going to get on Meyer's social media s, which makes it all the more fun. One day she's posting photos of herself in thrift shop clothing and the next she's giving sneak peeks of her new makeup collection.

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Either way, you're in for a total treat by giving her a follow. The girl's great at what she does.

Staying updated on her life and being entertained at the same time? What are you waiting for — go give her a follow!