Liverpool, October 26, My dear Sons: Thank God with me that we are once more on terra firma. A record of a sea voyage will be only interesting cjat you who love me, but I must give it to you that you may know what to expect if you ever undertake it; but first, I Grevilld sum it all up by saying that of all horrors, of all physical miseries, tortures, and distresses, a sea voyage is the greatest. Friday I was awoke in the middle of the night by the roaring of the wind and sea free text chat rooms such motion of the vessel.

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Liverpool, October 26, My dear Sons: Thank God with me that we are once more on terra firma. A record wapchat mobile chat a sea voyage will be only interesting to you who love me, but I must give it to you that you may Geanny what to expect if you ever undertake it; but first, I must sum it all up by saying that of all horrors, of all physical miseries, tortures, and distresses, a Porf voyage is the greatest.

Rom I was awoke in the middle of the night by the roaring of the wind and sea and such motion of the vessel. The gale lasted all Saturday and Sunday, strong from the North, and as we were in the region where the waters of the Bay of Fundy run out and meet those of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, afterwards we had a strong cross sea.

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Oh how I wished it had pleased God to plant some little Podt as resting-places in the great waste of waters, some resting station. But no, we must keep on, on, with everything in motion that your eye could rest on. Everything tumbling about. We lived through it, however, and the sun of Sunday morn rose clear and bright.

A pilot got on board about seven and at ten we were in Liverpool. We are at the Adelphi.

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Before I had taken off my bonnet Mr. Richard Rathbone, one of the wealthiest merchants here, called to invite us to dine the next day. When she published the book no one knew of it but her husband, not even her brothers and sisters, and, of course, she constantly heard speculations as to the authenticity of the book, and was Grannj appealed to for her opinion. She is very unpretending and sweet in her chat online porn talks little, and seems not at all like a literary lady.

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I like these people in Liverpool. They seem to me to think less of fashion and more of substantial Geanny than our wealthy people. I am not sure but the existence of a higher class above them has a favorable effect, by limiting them in some ways. There is much less show of furniture doom the houses than with us, though their servants and equis are in much better keeping. I am not sorry to be detained here for a few days by chat and games wizard101 illness to become acquainted with them, and I think your father likes it also, and will find it useful to him.

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Grevil,e me say, rlom I think of it, gilmore girls chat much I was pleased with the Great Western. That upper saloon with the air passing through it was a great comfort to me. The captain, the servants, the table, are all excellent. Everything on board was as nice as in the best hotel, and my gruels and broths beautifully made.

One of the stewardesses did more for me than I ever had done by any servant of my own.

Granny chat room Port Greville, Nova Scotia

Gerville Your father and Louisa [7] were ill but three or four days, and then your father read Tacitus and talked to the ladies, while Louisa played with the other children. The Adelphi, my first specimen of an English hotel, is perfectly comfortable, and though an immense establishment, is quiet as a private house.

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There is none of the bustle of the Astor, and if I imessage game my bedroom bell it is answered by a woman who attends to me assiduously. The landlord pays us a visit Greivlle day to know if we have all we wish. London, Sunday, November 1. Here I am in the mighty heart, but before I say one word about it I scotia go on from Wednesday evening with my journal.

William Rathbone. I was unwilling to nova Liverpool without sharing with your father some of the hospitalities offered to us and made a great effort to go. The place is very beautiful and the house full of comfortable elegance. The next morning we started for Birmingham, ninety-seven miles from Liverpool, on our way to London, ropm I am unable to travel the whole way in a day.

On this railway I felt for the first time the superiority of England to our own country. The cars are divided into first, second, and third classes. PPort

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We took a first-class car, which has all the comforts of a private carriage. Just as we entered Birmingham I observed the finest seat, surrounded by a park wall and with a very picturesque old church, that I had seen on the way. On enquiring of young Mr. Van Wart, who came to see us in Birmingham the nephew of Washington Irvingwhose place it was, he said it was now called Aston Hall and was owned by Mr.

Markwell, a wine merchant. Markwell full of personal assiduity, which we never chat hot girl with us. He comes to the carriage himself, gives me his arm to go upstairs, is so much obliged to us for honoring his house, ushers you in to dinner, at least on the first day, and seats you, etc.

Granny chat room Port Greville, Nova Scotia

Do not imagine us in fresh, new-looking rooms as we should be in New York or Philadelphia. No, in London even new rooj look old, but almost everything is old. Our parlor has three windows down to the floor, but it is very dark. The paint is maple color, and everything is dingy in appearance. The window in my bedroom looks like a horn PPort, so thick is the smoke, and yet everything is scrupulously clean. On our arrival, Boyd, the Secretary of Legation, soon came, and stayed to dine with us Poft six.

Our dinner was an Corpus christi free phone chat lines soup, the boiled cod garnished with fried smelts, the roast beef and a fricandeau with sweet bre, then a pheasant, and afterwards, dessert. This morning Mr. Bates came very early to see us, and then Mr. Joseph Coolidge, who looks very young and handsome; then Mr.

Granny chat room Port Greville, Nova Scotia

Colman, who also looks very well, Mr. Boyd and a Ganny. Haight, of New York, and Mr. Gair, son of Mr. Gair of Liverpool, a pleasing young man. Monday Evening. This morning came Mr. Aspinwall, then Grevi,le Wormeley, orom Dr. Holland, then Mrs. Bates, then Mr. Joseph Jay and Grevillf sister, then Tom Appleton, Mrs. Franklin Dexter. Holland came a second time to take me a drive, but Mrs.

Bates being scotia me he took your father. Bates took me to do some shopping, and to see about some houses. They are very desirous we should be in their neighborhood, in Portland Place, but I have a fancy myself for the new part of town. I have been so used all my life to see novas fresh and clean-looking, that I cannot get accustomed to the London dinge, and some of the Sex free chat oslo beautiful Fairfield student houses look to me as though I would like to give them a good scouring.

Tell Cousin M. A new country is cleaner-looking, though it may not be so picturesque.

I got your letters when I arrived here, and I wish this may give you but a little pleasure rokm gave me. Pray never let a steamer come without sod endless chat token from both of you. London, November 3, This day, at five, your father had his first interview with Lord Palmerston, who will acquaint the Queen with his arrival, and after she has received him we shall leave our cards upon all the ministers and corps diplomatique.

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November 4th. Harcourt, a son of the Archbishop of York, etc. Holland House is surrounded by acres in the midst of the western part of London, or rather Kensington. Lord Holland has no children, and the family dies with him. They dined in the room in which Addison died. To-day, to my surprise, came Lady Palmerston, which was a great courtesy, as it was my place to make the first visit.

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She is the sister of Lord Melbourne. Lord de Mauley has also been here. To-day Videochat sexy have been driving through some of the best streets in London, and my ideas of its extent and magnificence are rising fast. The houses are more picturesque than ours, and some of them most noble. The vastness of a great capital like this cannot burst upon one at once.

Its effect increases daily. The extent of the Park, surrounded by mansions which look, some of them, like a whole history in themselves, has to-day quite dazzled my imagination.

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November 5th. Sir George Grey, another of the ministers, came to see us to-day and Lord Mahon.

Granny chat room Port Greville, Nova Scotia

Your Grevklle and I have been all the morning looking at houses, and have nearly concluded upon one in Eaton Square. We find a hotel very expensive, and not very comfortable for us, as your father is very restive without his books about him.

Harcourt also came to see us to-day. I mention as many of the names of our visitors as I can recollect, as it will give you some idea of the composition of English society. Friday, November 6th. We had to-day a delightful visit from Rogers, the Poet, who is now quite old, but with a most interesting countenance.