I want more people to go to shows with, as well as I am starting a forum for female producers of electronic music to share and critique their work whether herpes chat sites a DJ set or a track they recently madeshare tips, and possibly collaborate. Note that electronic music covers everything from hip-hop production to experimental stuff like Gold Panda. If you want to geek out over music, hit me up! I want to start to build a small community around this.

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I'm sorry Ryan is there and folks I'm reading this for the first time right without their proof reading.

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So please I hope you took your time Donna Joe's As the old lady that was interview just before the last elections her words were quote left Keep stay in his mask because he cannot clean up the mess The mess is more Sorry Dana take a rain check on that one little James says good morning. Arthur gay chat roullette says he's listing from Brooklyn Alright folks.

I'm just as anxious as you guys are. The topic meb a furniture and the Grenada bags for the journey of Louis Landon, not little mother of Max from the Grenada to Montreal, Canada, and to be presented by comedian born doctor Calls Professor City of Maryland at UC For more information e Investigation Lectures Achievement dot com a call Julian Couture at Simon Green at Side two Mister Watts with why are you removing my Sorry Linee but you can't put the on an electricity pole that is an accident waiting to happen Mister Watts man.

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We've helped you prepare for and recover from storms how about hardware, food Fest supermarkets and the Grenadian General Insurance an integral part of Hurricane preparedness Alright folks. Here we are here. We are everybody, Tom Dick and Harry. That's why they're on the left Grrnada the Middle of their sharing on the right Max Good chat shemale ladies How is all you we good You is good real good Max at last.

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You guys get together Yay It's been a long time coming Well Patience is a virtue. Virtue is a great safe grace lady with pretty pretty face You say pretty safe and like to wash your feet I didn't know that one Yeah. You see the one with the duty face was a nice Yeah I it wasn't simply duty still that it was a little attitude before that one Yeah Okay So Max. Nice Girl I'm sorry that you hear in the circumstances Cogne horny chat forum are.

Your brother is not due out however it's it's so good to see you and the lady sitting here together.

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I I often wondered what it would be like you've been I know that the New York even following everything that's going on because you us Grenaada Thursday what do you think about some of the stuff you heard us than sitting here listening this morning. Let's let's let's start with foam gate Some people called cellphone Actually, I agree with the comments of the last comment that you read the person left on their on the website I agree with those comments I mean mister Scott can simply think that he can just make an apology and that's you know I'm an offer to pay and that will be the end of it there has to be a food investigation so we caught how much have Ggenada missed which Chag know those are some of the questions that that needs to be asked and people have to be held able I mean I get his apology he said you know he will repay you chat rolling over what in a reasonable time.

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You Ggenada what is reasonable? You don't get to dictate the terms on the circumstances you know they work out a payment plan. I mean will be six feet under before.

That's done Yeah You know so you know it's it's stand questions that that need to be assist can be a slap on the rss and you just walk out we just doesn't like to the agree i think is is unfair to the general public and the reality is am if it was somebody else not politically connected you have to pay back i might ticket jio you know so i think its a specially He came out in and confess admit that he is responsible for what else and not just not just in the case of Sheldon but who else you know I think there should be an inquiry and not done by the the people like the Fox looking Grenaxa the keeping keeping the hand safe Huh You know he just raised a very free online chatting sites Point to Sharon and boy believe me social media has been a buzz for that.

People are asking you know, hey how come or we're hearing is about okay I did this chatup lines I'm gonna pay it back when we're not hearing about charges being raped because a lot of people out there feel that if they had done something like that, their butts would have been in jail a long time ago you have to look at the the rules of no that the head of You should not be politically connected or politically exposed. lins

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Yes Yeah But when the husband of a government Minister is head of something is wrong because as a husband of of a government Minister you are politically connected You know so that in in in in in the first case is wrong and the fact that that has been a Spent many people and was not dealt with that too is corruption So yeah no, I agree I agree which are a hundred percent on that you know and I'm chats de honduras I mean I too worked in the service before I left here and text or call online for free know of many cases of people who stole government funds one way or the other and when these people were caught they are pretty much They were pretty much thrown out of their jobs So the question is why should I know millennials with you simply As you came on and you said, you know I'm sorry I'm gonna try to peek back No that's that's just not good dicsk and not only that you won't hcat government business.

That's the problem Yeah You won't even government business now I know that the us has often witb under fire for being a little bit too low key but I don't know whether or not you guys saw the letters that they put out yesterday they not only did they put out their usual heartbeat story but they also they also put out A letter to the governor general to the Commissioner palace and as you heard in the piece that I think they've also written to the EU and others and they promise that they're gonna be right into others No, I I I really think that that people have to stick on this omegle chat australia You know it can be one that gets swept under the rug as is the usual practice The 70 - one exactly.

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It should be civic organizations. We have Yeah.

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I've had to deal with a pretty frequently within the Two years that's the story That's a story. Yes You know I was hospitalized a couple of years ago.

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Well you new new of it I ended up on your program because of the Kate and you know some people criticize me. This is what you you don't want people to fly the Kate but what they don't know as an as a result of me not able to sleep for four days in a row I end up with heart And because of that diabetes has kicked in so nice and and somebody flying the kite is I don't have a problem with people flame Kate.

I have Gates my children fly kites but you take it down You don't put leave it up for for this and end gig now make it to the dith that even if it rain it just run off you know and and and people criticize you for objecting to something sain realize i am now a diabetic because of the tight you know i don't have diabetes in in my family but that ,en in and while i was and hospital Porn chat in prineville are member and us i will call her name but she came to give me an injection and witg asked cat this heart so much almost like like when you get in a financial injection she say may be the sunny changing room is And when I when I spoke about penicillin, she said Yes, it is an peninsula in addiction as it but it's on my card.

I'm a logic dependence Lin out She's so God.

Please don't tell the doctor She was supposed to give the lady on the bed next to me The peninsula, an injection and the lady then said that was meant for me Thank God for Reiki A lot of people don't realize but thank God for Reiki immediately started to give myself Ricky I got sick with Bad enough to kill me but the the problems, the mistakes and make well you know and just to follow up on what Charles said. I'm not one of these people say that because your government worker that didks can't have a party everybody will have the political choices understand The minute you step into government property your party affiliations and beliefs videochat de sexo gratis practices and everything else stays outside Theoretically yeah You know it can be done again.

I've done it but you have to be honest linf know and you have to have the will and the nerve to stand chat rooms for cheaters to whoever is doing wrong and said hey that's wrong Been asked to do things that wasn't right and I said no way fire me I am not doing it Oh yeah And I have walked off jobs because they want me to do something that's unethical that makes you stand out sharing but there are lot of people out there who are just dependent on lien eat that food You know something you could eat the food without them Of course they're not God.

This was "an ITV special investigation," shown late night to ensure actors and theatre staff could watch after their evening's work, perhaps also so that ordinary viewers needn't miss their favourite shows.

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I hope you will watch it, but, unless you are a lover of theatre and its mysteries, I shall understand if you don't" Cinderella by Prokofiev April 13th7. TV Director: Mark Stuart.

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