There are many different types of CVD. Four of the main types are described below.

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Wild herxt Heart Directing past triumphs, favourite characters and Fray Chris Craven: If you could direct any other episode that you have written, which one would it be and why? Probably Wild at Heart, just because that episode was very close to my heart.

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Plus, the heraat issue of sexuality between men and women is kind of fraught because chati kosovar the beast. So, I would have loved to get into those episodes. I thought they were great and the directors did great jobs, but I was particularly invested there.

Rach Me: Who is your favourite character to write for and why? Honestly, I identify the most with Buffy. Not because I can crush things with my hands, or I am super-strong.

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Trying to be it all and failing. I believe that Spike has a genuine appreciation for her, for her plight.

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Emily: Are there any plans to bring Fray off the ? Into film or television format? Not at the moment.

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Only a sit-com. The ex-friends of the Slayer sitcom.

But this is my fantasy series right?