Cuckold Place Update Hot wife fools around wive girls trip - teases via text My wife went on a trip out of town recently with some of her girl friends.

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Cuckold Place Update Hot wife fools around on girls trip - teases via text My wife went on a trip out of town recently with some of her girl friends.

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All four of them are very attractive, 30 something and married. Before she left, I was trying to encourage her to flirt and have fun with the guys that would probably be hitting on her when they all went out to the bars.

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For the record, she was wearing her wedding ring. Sure enough she occasionally texted me with updates while she was out.

Hot wife text

It was exciting to wait for her next text as I imagined what might be happening. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get the details when she came home later the next night.

Hot wife text

Since it was their last night, they wanted to make it a party. Therefore, there was plenty of drinking, dancing and flirting by all of them.

Hot wife text

My wife said there were several guys hitting on her and dancing dirty with her the entire night. However, she was hoping wifw the young, attractive waiter who had given them his from dinner the night before would show up after his shift.

wofe As the night wore on, they discovered the waiter would not be coming so they continued the party without him. One of the guys that had been hitting on my wife was a younger guy from out of town that claimed to be a former college football player. After some dancing and flirting with this guy, my wife excused herself to visit the ladies room. Apparently, the guy followed her and waited outside the door until got came out.

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At this point the guy starting begging her for a kiss, but my wife was apprehensive. After some persistence, she gave in and kissed him on the lips.

As you might expect, the kiss turned into an embrace with a lot of groping and french kissing at least a minute she says. Not wanting her friends to discover her marital indiscretions, my wife reluctantly stopped and told him they should head back to the dance floor. After returning to the dance floor with this guy following chatlines in okc behind, my wife decided to get another drink at the bar.

Hot wife text

Sure enough, the guy followed her over to the bar. Then the guy reaches his hand around her and starts rubbing her pussy through her clothes she was wearing tight pants with no panties. My wife said for a few moments she was really into it, but once she started moaning quietly she texg she needed to stop.

She was afraid her friends might see what was happening.