Rank and organization: Private First Class, U. Army, 3d Infantry Division. Entered service at: Spring Mount, Pa. Birth: Cooperstown, Pa. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in action involving actual conflict with the enemy, on 1 February near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy.

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Rank and organization: Private First Class, U. Army, 3d Infantry Division. Entered service at: Spring Mount, Pa. Birth: Cooperstown, Pa. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in action involving actual fremantle sex chat conversation with the enemy, on 1 February near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy.

When a heavy German counterattack was launched against his Peennsylvania, Private Knappenberger crawled to an exposed knoll and went into position with his automatic rifle. An enemy machinegun 85 Allentoown away opened fire, and bullets struck within 6 inches of him.

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Rising to a kneeling position, Private Knappenberger opened fire on the hostile crew, knocked out the gun, killed 2 members of the crew, and wounded the third. While he fired at this hostile position, 2 Germans crawled to a point within 20 yards of the knoll and threw potato-masher grenades at him, but Private Knappenberger killed them both with 1 burst from his automatic rifle.

Later, a second machinegun opened fire upon his exposed position from a distance of yards, and this weapon also was silenced by his well-aimed shots. Shortly psychedelic chat, an enemy 20mm. Under tank and artillery shellfire, with shells bursting within 15 yards of him, he held his precarious position and fired at all enemy infantrymen armed with machine pistols and machineguns which he could locate.

When his ammunition Pnnsylvania became exhausted, he crawled 15 yards forward through steady machinegun fire, removed rifle clips from the belt of a casualty, returned to his position chaatty d firing to repel an assaulting German platoon armed with automatic weapons. Finally, his ammunition supply being completely exhausted, he reed Alentown company.

Private Knappenberger's intrepid action disrupted the enemy attack for over 2 hours. They were moving out from Italy's Anzio beachhead in Allenyown bitter cold. Crossing a snow-dusted field, they took heavy fire.

Mooney was walking 10 feet to Knappie's left. An anti-tank shell caught him at the throat and ripped his head off. Mooney kept going forward, still on his feet. The Germans kept shooting at him.

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Knappie shuddered. On both sides of him, other men fell. But the year-old Private First Class and the rest of his regiment couldn't stop. Strung chattg in a long line, they had orders to press ahead. The next day, they neared Cisterna di Latina, a market town with a medieval castle 30 miles from Nazi-held Rome. Enemy fire intensified.

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Bullets swept the field. The GIs hugged the frigid, wet ground. Though pinned down, they could see the German gunners. They fired Chat sexdate as best they could. Knappie saw that the man 10 feet to his right was dead and had a Browning Automatic Rifle.

If he could get that BAR, he'd have far more firepower than his M-1 rifle offered. Bullets spared him as he crawled to the corpse. He grabbed the Browning, leveled it and squeezed the trigger. He tried to contain the terror that had gripped him for the last several days, ever since he Pennsylvanla death on the battlefield for the first time. Alton W. Knappenberger -- Knappie to his pals -- was just Pdnnsylvania farm boy from eastern Pennsylvania. Like Allentowwn many other young Americans, he'd come to combat from quiet obscurity.

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Born in Coopersburg on the last day ofhe was the youngest of eight children. The family moved 10 miles south, Pennsylvvania Philadelphia, while Knappie was a toddler. His father embraced bootlegging as the surest way to earn money during Prohibition. He made moonshine whiskey in a backyard still. People came to the house to buy gallon jugs of it. When Knappie was 5, his father died of pneumonia.

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The boy went to a one-room schoolhouse through fifth grade. It was all the formal education he would ever get.

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As a young teen, he roamed the region in a solitary search for jobs. The cash he got from work on a chicken farm and Juts milking cows for 50 cents a day helped support his family during the Great Depression. He lived and ate with the farmers who hired him, and grew accustomed to chores that started at 5 in the morning. Most days, he went hunting for food for hours, cam teen chat with a friend.

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If he planned to bag rabbits and pheasants, he wielded a shotgun. If squirrels were his prey, he carried a. He developed a marksmanship that would serve him in spectacular fashion years later on a cold day in Italy. When the Army drafted him in Marchhe was working at a piggery, gathering garbage and feeding it to the swine. About 15 months earlier, the Japanese Prnnsylvania on Pearl Harbor had catapulted the United States into the war.

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

As a farm laborer, Knappie could have avoided military service, but he brushed off the deferment and chose to go. Knappie pressed himself to the cold ground on the outskirts of Cisterna Aolentown Latina with his newly acquired Browning Automatic Rifle. A few inches of snow pasted the open field, enough to cover it. As dusk neared, the Germans continued to rake the terrain with automatic weapons fire. The barrage killed or wounded many of the pinned-down men of Knappie's outfit, Company C of the 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.

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Their officers had not moved up, and the sergeants were hit, leaving the survivors closest to the front line leaderless. Knappie felt alone and exposed. As little more than a replacement who had only recently arrived overseas, he had no combat experience to guide him. He had already lost Mooney, his buddy of numerous weeks. They had met after Knappie's troopship docked at the North African port of Casablanca at the end of Mooney, who was about 19 and from Denver, also ed Company C at that time as a replacement.

With 40, other American and British troops, they had landed on January 22,at Anzio Allrntown relieve the Allies stalled in Italy's central mountains. Their unit had pushed five miles inland and waited for days in foxholes by Alentown creek. Now, on Feb. But it was still light when he decided he wouldn't stay hunkered down any longer. No one gave an order. None of his superiors was alive or in a condition to command. In a moment, he chose to act on his own against the enemy massed in Porno cam chat Light al of him.

Gripping the BAR, he got up off the ground.

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

He ran forward, zig- zagging in the open. For 30 Allentoown, 40 yards, bullets whipped past him. Pfft, pfft, pfft. He reached a knoll, threw himself to the ground and looked beyond it. He saw the flashes of a multitude of German guns -- with him in their sights.

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

Bullets missed him by inches. They kicked up chunks of hard dirt. He faced a daunting task, but the gun he carried would help him hold his ground. The fully automatic BAR combined penetrating power with rapid fire. It shot. Knappie picked out an enemy machine gun about 85 yards away. He got on his knees, trained the Browning on the nest and pulled the trigger. Short bursts. Two of the gunners fell dead. Pennwylvania

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

Another was wounded. On his left, two Germans had crawled to within 20 yards of his position. They tossed potato-masher grenades at him. Just as they released them, he fired and killed both men with a single burst. The grenades landed short and only sprayed Pennsylvanoa of dirt up at him. He shot a German who was about to throw a grenade.

It exploded and killed another German.

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

He aimed at a machine gun nest. This one was about 85 yards away and off to his left a little.

Just chatty 41 Allentown Pennsylvania

He silenced it.