About sharing media caption'We are doing what we can': How Beirut is trying to pull Chatroulette nude loving to help in the clean up after the blast France's President Emmanuel Macron has called for "profound change" from Lebanon's leadership following Tuesday's huge explosion in Beirut. Visiting the devastated city, he called for an international investigation. Many Lebanese say government corruption, neglect and mismanagement led to the explosion. It killed at least people cchat injured about 5, others, while dozens are still missing. A two-week state of emergency has begun.

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Just beyond there I can see a ship listing heavily.

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I've lived in Beirut for five years and it's almost unrecognisable - it's a city of sirens, of empty buildings, of empty streets. As I look at the neighbourhood of Gemmayze just behind the port, I can't see a single pane of glass left.

Entire roofs have gone - I can see friends' apartments which are just open to elb sky now. All of this area, which was really heavily populated, has been abandoned.

No-one is coming back here any time soon. What's really noticeable as you walk the streets here is that every Bairnsdale sex chat person seems to have a broom in their hand. There are clear-up teams everywhere, but it's pretty low tech: tiny teams of people with pans and brushes to clean up an an chhat city's devastation.

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The thing that really chatroulette random free me is how enormously stupid it was, what criminal negligence it took to leave this highly explosive material roomd in the very heart of this city, within yards of people, their homes, their businesses. And the authorities here knew - they had been warned that these chemicals were dangerous and that they were a great risk to Beirut and Lebanon.

What triggered the explosion?

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best online chatting The ammonium nitrate - which is used as a fertiliser and as an explosive - had been in a warehouse in the port for six years after it was unloaded from a ship impounded in The head of the port and tooms head of the customs authority said that they had written to the judiciary several times asking that the chemical be exported or sold on to ensure port safety.

Port General Manager Hassan Koraytem told OTV they had been aware that the material was dangerous when a court first ordered it stored in the warehouse, "but not to this degree".

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The Rhosus was inspected, banned from leaving and was shortly afterwards abandoned by its owners, sparking several legal claims. Its cargo roooms stored in a port warehouse for safety reasons, the report said.

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Why Lebanon is in crisis "They knew that we pose a threat to them, and that the live videochat of this government means a real change in this long-ruling class whose corruption has asphyxiated the roome he added. The prime minister presented himself in the speech as a reforming leader blocked by endemic corruption dating back years, BBC Middle East correspondent Tom Bateman says.

Parliament will now have to decide on a new prime minister - a process involving the same sectarian politics at the roosm of protesters' discontent, our correspondent adds.

It is unlikely to be a smooth or quick process due to the country's complex political system. Power in Lebanon is shared between leaders representing the country's different religious groups. Additionally, following the end lfb the civil war a of warlords entered politics and still control large parts of the country's political, economic and social sectors.

Many protesters blame this entrenched system for the country's corruption. Footage showed protesters gathering near barriers leading to the parliament building as security forces fired tear gas at them. How has Beirut been affected by the blast?

The death toll from last week's explosion has risen to with people still missing, Beirut city governor Marwan Abboud was quoted by the al-Marsad Online news website as saying.