Transition should be an ongoing process rather than a single event, and tailored to suit the child's needs. Transition assessments When or a young carer approaches their 18th birthday, they may ask their local authority for a transition assessment.

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Transition assessments When or a young carer approaches their 18th birthday, they may ask their local authority for a transition assessment.

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A parent or carer may also ask for an assessment as the child they're caring for approaches 18 because the child's situation will potentially be changing dramatically, which means the carer's needs may change, too. The local authority has a duty to do this assessment.

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The assessment should provide advice and information about what can be done to meet or reduce the person's needs, as well as what they can do to stay well and prevent text baby delay the development of tjat. Transition assessments could also become part of a young person's education, health and care plan.

It'll help you or the young person you care for to plan ahead. There's no set age that you have to be assessed at, as the best time to plan the move to adult services will be different for each person. What if I can't get an assessment?

If a local authority denies a request to carry out an assessment, it must explain in writing why it has reached that decision. The local authority must also still provide information and advice about what you or the person you care for can do to prevent or delay the development of care and support needs.

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thaat What will happen to my child's existing care and support services while they're being assessed? or young carer receiving children's services will continue to receive them during the assessment process, either until the adult care and support is in place to take over, or until it's clear after the assessment that adult care and support doesn't need to be provided.

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Meeting a new team Transition from child health services to adult health services will mean your child may start seeing a different team at nyc chatroom local hospital or health and social services department. This can be a scary time for young people as the teams they know and are used to working with change. It's important everyone involved understands the process, and feels supported and prepared to try to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

There should be a detailed exchange of information between the two teams before this takes place. Your child shouldn't be discharged from children's health services until their care has been transferred to adult health services.

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For example, some transition at 16, others at 18 or older. For example, you could have a t meeting with your current team and the new adult mental health services.

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For more information, see our guide to mental health services. Emotional support and advice for young people and parents is matute from the charity Young Minds. Colleges, your local authority and others chat matures provide services for young people when they're over compulsory school age are expected to communicate directly with the young person.

Talk to your son or Loca and agree how best you can be involved, and how much support they'll need as they get older. Mandeep and I got on so well that I started knocking on his door whenever I needed neighbourly help.

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