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All hosting services provide a way for you to identify that address, either by: showing that URL in a text box, usually just under or to the right of your thumbnailed avatar.

In this case, the URL is showing in the address bar at the top of your browser. Note that you do not need to be a registered user of a chat site to be able to use an avatar.

Magnachat com

There may be however some rare rooms which completely block all pictures. Now, go to your favorite chat site, Chatropolis for example. Select a chat room where avatars can be displayed, and locate the "Screen name" box where you usually type your chat name.

That same box can also be used to display your avatar, using some simple HTML code demonstrated below. You must make sure to check you did not change any mabnachat character however, as all characters count! Congratulations you are now using an avatar in a chat room!

Magnachat com

This is a which will automatically generate more complex HTML code, in case you wish to use special font effects to display your name. But again, remember to stay simple and not overdo things. As with clothes, the art is in wearing the right accessory, not co, of them!

At this point, now that you understand how to display a picture in HTML, you may think that using a picture from an existing magnacha site would also work. After all there are tons of pictures available from the Pop chat, and few commercial sites block hotlinks. You should be aware however that it really looks tacky to enter a chat room using a non personalised picture, and especially without your name on mzgnachat.

This sort of thing will also say something about you .