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Buffalo has three other superpower FM stations: Under current U. In fact, it once was powered at 92, watts but because it moved its antenna some years ago, it reduced its power.

In the s, the station featured a popular format of Adult Contemporary and Oldies music presented by several well known Western New York on-air personalities including Stan Manie and Fred Klestine. From Maone toWBUF had a history of short-lived and rapidly changing formats usually failed attempts to challenge other more dominant stations in the marketwith the station typically changing formats every two years: Early "Mix The format lasted two years.

Its end was marked with a stuntplaying the song " We Will Rock You " by Queen repeatedly for one day. Later on, the station added Opie and Anthony. A combination of two events held by the duo led to their demise on WBUF.

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However, before any disciplinary action for that incident was taken, the hosts were embroiled in the infamous "Sex for Sam" scandal in New York City, where two lovers had sex in St. It was the latter event that ultimately led to their first firing. With both drive blocks filled with hot talk hosts, the natural progression was to make WBUF a full-time talk outlet. With the region's best known hot talk host, J. The format ended after six months due to Wease developing nasal cancer and could not work both his Rochester and Buffalo shifts.

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Stern was the only host retained when CBS Radio, then the station's owner, dropped the talk format, as CBS burned off Stern's contract their slogan even briefly being "Howard in the morning, playing what we want all day". It was the first format in about 10 years not intended to directly compete with another station in the market.

Jack FM was, by far, the longest-running format in the station's recent history. Similar to other Jack FM stations, WBUF had no live disc jockeyscarried no syndicated long-form or short-form programming, and carried no time-sensitive information such as news, weather or sportsonly interrupting its music for commercials, pre-recorded one-line jokes and station identification ; this format was followed uniformly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At first, Using Cogan would have most likely caused confusion with listeners due to the fact the two stations are so close on the FM dial, On November 25 the day before Thanksgiving at Noon, after playing " I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus " by John Cougar Mellencampthe station flipped back to a mainstream rock format after 16 years, branding once more as "