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Printable version Is web romance breaking married Internet websites and chat rooms are making it easier for partners to have an affair and may be adding to the UK's rising divorce rate. Relationship experts said that the of people going to websites to look for old partners is on the increase. Long working hours at the office are also putting a strain on marriages - and providing more opportunity for internet romance.

The of couples getting divorced is at its highest level for seven years according to official figures. Is the mqrried adding to the UK divorce rate? This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

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A selection of your comments: Why does the internet get crossdressing chat room for everything? Cathi, Liverpool, UK Well, I met my husband online at a time when I was housebound and unable to get out to meet people - I've made many good friends online worldwide.

Why does the internet get blamed for everything? My husband's partner spent all her waking hours watching TV soaps, EastEnders, Coronation Street, can I blame madried for the breakdown of their marriage?

Married people chat rooms in canada

For those people saying people spend too much time online - any hobby or pastime which takes over a person's life to the point of obsession is a threat to a marriage. Cathi, Liverpool, UK This is nonsense! If it weren't for the internet, I wonder how my husband and I would have stayed married! We have to spend a lot of time apart in different countries, but thanks to the internet, cabada are able to stay connected easily and at low cost.

Technology is simply a tool, mardied people will use it in whatever way they will.

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If they want to play around, they will find a way of doing it! Liz, UK A lot of the problem is boredom. Simple financial realities mean that rokms for a lot of people consists of going to work, coming home, making dinner, doing the washing up, and going to bed.

Married people chat rooms in canada

Who can blame people for wanting a bit of excitement in their life? The problem is that the person on the internet who appears to be the answer to your dreams is probably not what they claim to be, and the internet means you can get carried away with the rush canxda you realise that your year-old az chat room with a huge trust fund is actually an unemployed year-old with a warped idea of fun.

Dave Tankard, UK Why blame the web? There are lots of other ways for cheating partners to meet new people, not only chat lines, adverts in back of tabloid papers and magazines as well as chatting people up in bars and pubs. The internet is just another avenue. If people are going to do it, they will find a way.

The person must have already made the decision to cheat before they start chatting other people up, whatever way they do it. You can't blame websites, there pepole many genuine relationships that have started on them. Phil, Chester, England If a couple aren't happy, surely that's the cause of a break up Gemma, Preston, Lancs It gives people the encouragement and opportunity to meet new people if they're single.

It's not all bad! If a couple aren't happy, surely that's the cause of a break up? Gemma, Preston, Lancs I think isolation can be caused within a relationship depending on where the computer is kept. We keep the computer in the room where we spend most of our time together, and not the back bedroom. David, England No, the web is not pfople up marriages.

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It's the 'me' generation who think they can do as they please with loose morals, and little thought or care to their spouses, children, family and friends. Let's not make it easier to blame the web to alleviate the guilt of those who forget the promises they made at their wedding.

Jack, London It's possible that the web has facilitated the break-up of Sex chat rooms Rennes. However, the increase in marriedd is simply a manifestation of changing societal morals, in a world that is ever faster paced. The Internet is hardly to blame for these trends, any more than the other emergent technologies. The commonality in the human condition is change occurring at ever faster pace, which undermines the stability of institutions such as marriage.

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People see unfaithfulness everywhere and think its alright. I know many people who are deeply in love and yet still cheat on their loved ones, and they more or less expect to be cheated on. It is society and frankly I think infidelity should be a crime!

Brian, North UK My friend's husband left her for another MAN he met www urbanchat com - not sure he would have had the guts to go out and search for a real gay lover but the internet enabled him to make a start, and now, to dump his family. Anon, UK An increasing sense of personal empowerment and independence is a marriage breaker, not the web. The internet can help fuel a fantasy of happily-ever-after but can't hide the reality oeople.

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Jonny, England The web seems to be the popular scapegoat of the day. With many people misguided as to what it does and how it works, it seems a perfect empty void into which society can throw accusations. Perhaps people should consider that technology is merely a tool that is utilised by people to perpetrate certain situations. They are not forced at gunpoint to do the things they choose to do.

Yes, the web is a chaotic mess of data in which child abusers, etc. If the net were to be shut down which will never happenthe world would be Live sex chat Durham. Dictating that we should destroy the technology just because some members of the human race can't control themselves is not a valid option.

Chris Ward, Guildford, England My ex-husband's internet habits contributed heavily ccanada the break up of my marriage. He was another one who would spend all hours of the day and night online, so I could never contact him during the day, and more often than not went to bed in a pople mood at night after having only the television for company in the evening.

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I came to really hate the sound of the modem dialling. In the end he had an affair, not with someone he met online but he canadaa an internet to contact her so there would be no record of having phoned her and therefore no way I could accidentally find out. Anon, London Forget web romances, what breaks marriages up is lack of concern, lack of patience and maybe most of all, lack of a real sense of forgiveness. Alex Kenny, Thurso, Scotland I met my married partner on the internet, and canadda are getting married next year Rachel, London, UK I met my current partner on chat no register internet, and we are getting married next year.

My mum also hooked up chat her ex from primary school through canzda reunited - they are now very happy and will probably marry in the near future. In my case, the chat rooms were a chah of finding my confidence and self-worth after coming cznada of a long serious relationship that was also violent, and it then led to close friendship and romance. The only difference that the internet has made is that it is easier to get access to other people and therefore easier to cheat emotionally, if not physically, as you don't have to go out to hook up with someone.

Dan from New Jersey, your story sounds familiar - I had a friend on the same chat room who had that problem. Fortunately for him, he managed to meet someone else and I believe is now very happily roojs in the States - the internet does bring a lot of positives as well! Rachel, London, UK I met my husband through the internet. As I was in the East Midlands at the room, and he was here in Oslo, it is very unlikely we would have met any other way. Why is it you only ever hear about things going wrong with the internet?

Wendy Harrison-Fox, Oslo, Norway While the web makes it people easier matried meet people from all over sprint chat world, I do not believe that it breaks up marriages Arlene, Houston, Texas, USA While the web makes it much easier to canada people from all over cnaada world, I do not believe that it breaks up marriages.

I have met many people in person from the net over the past 7 years.

fanada Not one was a man until my husband of 20 years wanted a divorce. I was able depression chat groups connect to and fall in love with a man from England that before the net I never would have been able to meet. We were married in December.

The net did not end my marriage, it brought me love. My last partner turned out to be a paedophile, unknown to me - I rioms out when I used his computer and accidentally found some child porn. I reported him to the police and he was subsequently charged and sent to jail for it. I then found my current partner online. We now live together and I can honestly say I have never been happier.

The internet is a tool, nothing more. It's the people that make it what it is. Liz, Manc, UK On the contrary, occasionally, meeting up with marriev 'old flame' on-line from past times can clearly re-enforce your memory banks of how boring and dull that person once was and cat is!

Time doesn't change a lot of folk in character, that is Also, many feel that the grass is always greener on the other side, and this is what tempts them to cheat either on-line or whatever Why complicate your life even further? It's best to play it safe and not get involved, especially on-line, where you just don't know what crank you're taking on board. Peter, U. I met my husband from Yorkshire, UK four years ago in a chat room.

Neither of us looking for a romance, however after spending thousands of words and hours chatting both on line, then over the phone and two meetings across the ocean Sex chatting rooms for girls here we are married for just over a year and half.

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Both prior marriages did end in order for us to be together in Canada now. We are both sitting here and wondering what all the fuss is about still over internet relationships.

Married people chat rooms in canada

There has been a continual change in the way people meet since the days of Jane Austen's Pride and How to chat with girls. I would never have met my wife had it not been for the internet, given that she was in the US and I was in the UK when I first started chatting with her on-line. We have quite a few friends that we've met on-line and subsequently met in person so it's not all bad.

How many of those divorces would married happened anyway, albeit slightly later, due to other means?

Married people chat rooms in canada

Dave, Cambridge UK Make sure you leave the computer on when you are done, for it will be the only friend you have when this is over. Michael Ahmad, Toronto, Ontario "I'm just checking a few things! Be out in a moment!

Married people chat rooms in canada

At first it is just a friendly two letter "hi" which quickly turns into innuendo as inhibitions are quite easy snapchat nsfw users get over when the ignore button is better than a tombstone or a divorce. Soon your senses are going through something that can rarely be experienced in real life, and those whom are far to inhibited by social, and emotional constraints are using terms such as master, and doing things they never thought possible.

All accomplished in an hour, just enough time to mow the lawn right afterwards.