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We care about our members and want them to have merical best service possible. The health care consumer should discuss the source and validity of any internet-derived medical and thyroid-related information with their physician before making any decisions that impact on the management of their thyroid disease.

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The use of clinically relevant scientific evidence derived from clinical trials to support treatment recommendations is strongly encouraged. Although anecdotal information may occasionally also be helpful, it is generally not as valuable as data derived from large randomized clinical studies. Where does one find the of scientific and medcal studies?

A good place to start is the search engine for scientific publications run by the National Library of Medicine, PubMed. The Endocrine Society : A professional society with membership open bi chat australia physicians and scientists interested in the endocrine system and in endocrine diseases.

The Hormone Foundation affiliated with the Endocrine Society has a section devoted to thyroid disorders.

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada A volunteer organization devoted to patients with thyroid disease. The Website contains considerable information about various thyroid disorders.

Medical chatroom

The American Thyroid Association : A professional society devoted to all aspects of thyroid disease, including basic and clinical research and patient care.