The state governor spoke of a "miracle on. The Suwannee River Water Management District manages water and related natural resources in north-central Florida by providing water quality and quantity monitoring, research, regulation, land acquisition and management, and flood protection. View photos, research land, search and filter more than listings Land and Farm. Suwannee River State Park is a perfect place for spending time on the river.

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I met Steve through my sons and their good friend Ira Missouru. I have several memories of my times with him. One time he came to our camp in Missouri with Worth Matthewson to hunt rails. During a slack time Matthewson decided to shoot some doves and came back with a couple of bluejays! He did write a great story about the rail shoot in Wildfowling magazine though but didn't mention the "dove hunt. McCauley asked me to guide him.

We selected a spot overlooking a good strutting field and sat shoulder to shoulder with our backs up against a big oak tree. After several hours of calling, a gobbler approached from my side. I tried my missour to alert Sutton but he couldn't hear a damn thing. When the bird was in range I finally yelled at him, but he didn't react in time, the Castro Urdiales horny chat spooked, and I had to shoot him.

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I could go on and on. It is guaranteed to cure any insomnia one might have. The following is a transcript of that story: I had hunted with Steve Sutton, from the Seattle area, on my first sea duck hunt on Penobscot Bay in He had organized the group hunt through an internet forum I occasionally frequented. Over time I got to know him pretty well. His intensity toward waterfowling rivals mine, and I found we share many freaky lesbian sex text messages the same values.

We both carve decoys. We both love waterfowling history and lore. We both have a goal to harvest all of the huntable North American waterfowl species. He allowed that if I could get to Puget Huntinh to hunt with him, he was confident I could fill in some more blanks, particularly the harlequin, greater scaup, and Barrow's goldeneye.

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During the Maine shoot I was able sexy texts to a man bag several common eiders and one oldsquaw, but the surf scoters that some of the others shot, eluded me. Sutton assured me I would have chances at them, as well as the other scoters, during a hunt with him on his home grounds. It would be a perfect time to hunt with Sutton on either side of the DU trip, if he was available. Fortunately he was and we booked it.

I described the entire trip in detail in a chapter, "Road Trips II. Like Wasson [our guide in Maine], he preferred to chah it solo. He had an ingenious system of buckets, long huntig, and drop lines with special clips to attach the blocks.

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He could do it blindfolded. His rig consisted of a mixture of sea ducks surf scoters and divers goldeneyesall either handmade or hand-painted. The stool looked great.

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As the sun began to burn the fog off, I got my first look at the surroundings. It was not as pristine as I had imagined. Penn Cove is dkck with beautiful homes, mostly on top of the steep hills above the sea. Our objective for the day was variety rather than quantity.

Sutton had really nailed the spot and we had a perfect hunt. Fog didn't help, but a few birds flew all day. Great variety, mostly pass-shooting.

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I thought we shot pretty well, losing only one cripple. Neat decoy rig, E. Allen scoters, cork goldeneyes. At the end of hutning day, I had harvested two surf scoters, two whitewing scoters, one harlequin all personal firstsone greater scaup probably a personal first and one common goldeneye. Sutton bagged three skunkhe, one whitewing, one harlequin and one Barrow's goldeneye.

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I had never seen harlequins before. Both of ours were drakes and they are absolutely gorgeous, rivaling djck wood duck for best-looking honors. The day could not have been better for me. This was certainly one of mine. We turned in early and, having bagged our harlequins, planned to return to Penn Cove in the morning.

It was colder this day. There was no fog, but only a light asian webcams chat.

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Sutton selected a spot he called "The Stairs" for our set up. He announced he would concentrate on spotting for me, especially for Barrows.

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It kind of put the pressure on! No fog, but fewer ducks. We moved once after seeing no ducks at first set up near mussel pens. I did miss at the first bunch of Barrows, but redeemed myself on a single later? Steve is a great guy to hunt with.

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Great time here. Sutton invited me to spend the night at his home, but having booked an early morning flight to Sacramento, I elected to get a hotel room near the airport. This had been a truly remarkable hunt? We saved a few birds for mounting, but they were lost in transit and hot milfs chat caught up with me.

They are probably long gone now, but I sure wish I had that harlequin and Barrows as a reminder of this awesome road trip.

This experience includes many of the elements you would expect to find on a "Top Ten" hunt, camaraderie, considerable effort, a beautiful setting, working birds, good shooting, and excellent dog work. The thing that distinguishes this one for me is the fact that we had set pretty specific objectives in terms of the species we were targeting, and in almost every case were successful. I harvested several personal firsts including the harlequin, Barrows, greater scaup, surf and white winged scoters, an incredible feat, "Top Ten" for me for sure!