Good Friday everyone! In the spirit of it being Friday, I bring you a feature!

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Good Friday everyone! In the spirit of it being Friday, I bring you a feature! Enjoy getting to know him better!

Wefi: Started right after Jump to lightspeed was released. My folks bought me the expansion thinking it was the full game, so I had to wait for a while to be able to play.

Advice please.

EiF: Which server did you play on? EiF: Which classes and which was your favorite? EiF: What type of gameplay style do you most enjoy?

Wefi: On and off during the day. At night I tend to play EIF a bit more now.

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Wefi: The Open space. A friend of mine showed me Everquest, and how large it was. When SWG was announced, I was excited for it.

Being my own Star Wars character is very attractive. I can be A Jedi, or a Tailor. FFXIV comes close.

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EiF: What do you enjoy most about Empire in Flames? EiF: When you are not ingame, what do you enjoy doing? Other than that is really just watching TV.

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Wefi: Tow Truck driver. EiF: What is your role with EiF?

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What does that entail? Wefi: I am more of a Content Creator for the client.

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Wefi: Their favorite Star Wars item. Wefi: Uhh, I often see things in Star Wars games, or shows, and think that be cool to have.

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Also I like to challenge myself, and try to do things that were thought impossible, or hard to do. I look forward to see the upcoming updates to EIF, and see where the story goes. With nythi ways of editing the client, and the work that goes into the Server code.