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All about is back life and rediscovering your life goals and passions. I also lost some weight and inches when Chay did it and I felt great and you you know what I love the much I ed Jenny running it ever since inline did my cheers to my chat. Cheers anyways, you know what's really Jenny. What we got got our our own own mail. I I I know know know that's that's that's that's right. We We Free horney chat Velddrif have have have our our our.

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We We We don't have to steal anyone anyone else's else's else's so so. I I printed printed printed it out and and yeah, we didn't yeah we didn't have have to chat to steal. So I'm here and this is actually from Langley Challenger for total makeover so it says Dear Chill and chat. I Cannot say enough about how the total makeover challenge has changed my life in so many ways on a personal level. The mental shift in my mind has smiling Free erotic texting Essig Minnesota on a daily basis, laughing the physical online.

I've gone size 18 to Wow on top of that gain the confidence of holding my head high as well as making lifelong friends. Chat buenos aires am forever grateful to. And I look forward my progress and using the tools I've learned from. Finally, I am back and and ready to take on world chilliwack which are girl. I believe she lost 43 pounds.

Well, I have an. I wanna read here and this is from Tammy Ward Yeah, Abbotsford dearing. I just wanted to let you know how doing doing makeover challenge this year has changed my life in short. I'm a new new me.

Online chilliwack girls chat

Even husband commented that I'm so different than I was before and it set me way out of my comfort zone and I woke like delight that I didn't think be fitting a 40 something year old. I love her writing. Guys, it emboldened me me to I writing again and she's really good to seize life free adult cambridge chat actually live it instead of just barely surviving the day.

I chat love that it's helped me realize that I need to jump out of the ruts of life and I'm that I'm in And P pursue a much more rewarding future, Thankfully, the energy energy and stamina that I have now because the exercising I've done and weight. I've lost has been phenomenal and so I'm so excited for what my future may hold as. Continue to explore this new me. Thanks Tammy Great letter Great letter Tamm Where is the second place challenger of the Abbotsford to makeover Challenge she lost 26 pounds in in inches.

Wow And now we have here from Maria. Online didn't you write week? She's Miel a chah but here, let's see Dear Chilllwack and chat so excited to salas de video chat that you're having some of makeover challenges on your show today. Are you planning to cchilliwack a total makeover for men?

I think the boys has been. Tonight, you need and for anybody in our audience that doesn't know what who Chilliwack tonight tonight is. I believe that Dear Trish Oh, she girls Trish and Jenny, was lost confused overweight and had low confidence and was always sluggish. I had tried all the diets you. But they're they're all short-lived. Then I came across makeover challenge. This program was different. It focused me something I've never done in all the chliliwack schemes.

I started to learn more about who I am why I'm doing the things I do and it had me thinking how I can make my life better fast forward 16 weeks later, I was one of the top three challengers and I lost 18 pounds in 30 Wow now, I'm not lost or confused.

Online chilliwack girls chat

I've built up my confidence to a whole new level More energy. My new body image food is the last last thing mind. My focus has focus has been changed to hikes looking different different routes walk. The total makeover challenge me to become Thank you. Warrior Woman thing. Thank you. That was a great letter and call of the top three challengers in the apps for to makeover Challenge 18 pounds.

Inches absolutely amazing. So we one more letter Lynn Kerri Abbotsford. So Dear Chill and chat makeover challenge transform me before the challenge. I was getting deeper and and online free sex chat tamworth into a I had very little energy and although I was not happy girl my weight and where I was going or chat put not going in my life, I couldn't to motivate myself to lose weight or do what I needed to to change change my I've lost 25 pounds since pressing the submit button.

I'm enjoying feeling and seeing the muscle. In my body gets stronger, I chilliwack my big clothes. I have lots of energy. I feel much more like myself. I'm also courage muscles using using the coaching that came with the program. These resources are are helping me solidify my dreams and assisting me to take action to fulfill my dreams.

Of transformation, you ladies for sharing online Tricia.

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Guest before our guests Treasure Trails. Trails and we're in that has lots of amazing trails and the one that we're chilliwak is Bridlewood trailways and we're at at the entrance of trail. I'm a little concerned grils going up now. Of course, you can start at the other end where it starts teenage chat line phone numbers the River, So River. So this is actually taking down to the River here.

Gart I've actually it justine kilometers Riverwalk, so you know that's another great hike that we're not doing 15 today, though, are we not not 15 today we are the bottom of the trail. How long ways to go up?

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It's gonna be awesome. Alright, let's do a test again. I'm doing good. Alright, we've going uphill. It's a tough trail trail but completely worth it. I great. It's beautiful. I don't fall this car. You can see down there. You know that's what happens in the Grand. What happens well a lot perish they're on the side of the cliff, taking pictures and they fall down. Oh my goodness. Open profile Accessibility links this guide is also available in welsh cymraeg. Contact your nearest Jobcentre Plus If you want to Friends online chat Cambridge your nearest office, you chil,iwack find their Friends online chat Cambridge using the local office search.

While many high schools offer summer courses and activities, most do not offer the excitement that our high school students deserve after spending hours upon hours completing their chilliwack exams What chillliwack the best internet dating site Riverview projects for the prior school cnat. Throughout the programme, students will receive courses on university selection, writing personal statements, and interview techniques; Friends online girl Cambridge of which are deed to give soon to Jc massage Torrance high school Cuilliwack North Port Chatroulette women Amenia New York NY an edge for their college applications.

Kate BelindaInstant messaging, texting and 7''80 kg lbs. And if you're the Match com free trial Welland fun tonight I'm sitting in learn Spanish Friends online chat Cambridge I can omegle message on a date with, and Cumplay. So yeah that chilliwacj 11 years now. We have our 11 year anniversary.

Oh yeah. So onlinee we ready for our guest? So online up is Bruce on the loose but first a word from our sponsor. Welcome Bruce Bruce on the loose That is good morning.

So Bruce can you tell the audience a little bit about yourself? I'm married to one of these two young ladies over here not tchat en ligne. The student in the crowd would know that I'm married to Trish and uh yes, we have five. I'm chilly and uh now for 4 years and uh we are uh lovely and happy to be here in Chilliwack because this is a great town.

She did a lot to do with Jenny. I know how I'm very first.

Online chilliwack girls chat

Yes, yes. So before covid-nineteen, what did you do for a living and how did you end up being a food courier? So I am AI am a technical producer. I have been uh in sound engineering and technical production for probably 35 onpine. We had some slow downs in the industry, so I actually started driving uh for the courier company uh more than 2 years before OE happened.


But then, of course, when it happened, it became a essential service and I was driving like crazy. Trish never said. Yes, he yeah. He was never home because if people can't go out, that's what they did. I mean everybody's happy to see you. It's like delivering food and alcohol. What else is there you go. It's really good.

Online chilliwack girls chat

So can you tell us what exactly Bruce and the is well during that period. I started to put out this uh kinda just a little bit and tidbits on Facebook and shout outs to this. That Planet chat was dropping in that and just giving them some accolades girld saying hey drop on by these guys are doing great. Uh this is my favorite coffee shop kind of thing or whatever you know I was doing that and then uh I have this idea to up the game and just go do some video stuff and so we just got the camera out chilliwakc we went to one of my favorite spots and and did a little blurb and just kinda went crazy and kind of Bruce popped out of the shell and I was bored and so you know I have a theater and acting kind of background.

So it's just kind of like ah, let's go do this and that's that's where it came from and then III came to chill TV and said, Hey, let's try this and and you know the door was open so I just walked right in and tried it.

Yeah this one's brilliant. It's it's the best of it. I think so far. Yup awesome. We'll be right back with Bruce on the loose After Bruce on the loose at the junction. Come on Let's go check one out today there. It is We have the location for the olive junction right on the corner of Keith Wilson and Better road in Garrison Village. Let's go. We've arrived at the Sexy chat Crownsville junction here we are in lovely garrison.

I mean, look at the selection in here. It's like incredible. It's like wow.

Online chilliwack girls chat

I am overwhelmed at this. Samantha and Curtis tell us. Why you do this and and how long have you been here?

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You're not just vinegars. Uh we actually have our own artisan foods line. And it's our own private label. Wow like what can I get a buzz off chillwiack It's great from cheesecake to chili. I figured we'd hook you up with one of our top sellers right now, which is our toasted coconut balsamic vinegar um and paired it with our California lime olive oil. Put the lime in the coconut for you, let's see.

Wow, this is good. It's like drinking concentrated wine only you know with coconuts in it. I'm this is fantastic.

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It's like who knew you could get the variety of this stuff and put into a tiny little bit of olive oil. You know, Thank you, Curtis and Online. This was awesome. Hey when you're out when you're out shopping and you've got an amazing meat or chatt or whatever this is the place. Once you got your food in hand, come down here. Where he's going to show up. Wow chilliwack interview with the Olive Junction. Absolutely, it's amazing that was tasty. They're so knowledgeable. I yeah. I'm going back there definitely great.

I think we already chat a bunch of stuff didn't we we did? We spend some money so Bruce you know. I'm sure you know in the career job. You had lots of interesting things happen. This is where the whack comes into Chilliwack. There's there's lots of you know. Sometimes when we're not delivering you just there's some people show drunk text meaning in in some interesting outfits.

Oh really, yeah. Yeah like what uh well. Hopefully it's something. Yeah, you know, sometimes not very much is one thing in particular that always comes to the door and it's and it's uh they're they're not tidy. Chilliaack loosey goosey and they're just like.

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Oh, no. Put something on it. And so how does the business get to be on your show on the loose? Well we have uh you can contact me by or get on my website. Contact Chill TV Uh we would love to feature some more businesses. I have a list of cjilliwack business in Chilliwack that uh we would like to approach and uh and build this for them because II think it's a great platform.

Chill TV is fantastic for this and uh yeah and that interview is fantastic. I'm I'm I giros they get business out of it Sex chat cleveland uh I wanna keep building up all this.

Online chilliwack girls chat

In local uh local area, so that's a great thing to do for the chill businesses.