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A 'long fight' for women 'finally yielding ' Analysis box by Laura Bicker, Seoul correspondent As the judges sat down to deliberate, the call for justice from women's advocates was loud and clear. Story continues Tens of thousands of petitions, including from victims, had been handed to officials on this case urging 123 chat avenue to hand down a hefty prison sentence.

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South Korean courts have been accused of being far too lenient on digital sex criminals prrth far too long. The year punishment for ringleader Cho Ju-bin still falls short of the life sentence sought by prosecutors. This free sex chat site offers many different types of online adult chat rooms. Our site is user and mobile friendly, webcam enabled and allows every horny adult access to the niche they prefer. Maybe there should be monitors in the rooms, in case a young child goes on, and someone starts acting suspiciously.

Annabella, 13, Maidenhead I never go on chatrooms because I'm worried about dodgy people, only fan site chatrooms.

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I prefer to e-mail my American pen pals instead. It's much more interesting and they send pictures to me too. The only website I e-mail is Newsround! Michaela, 11, Staffs I think that chatrooms oerth great. You can meet different interesting people from all over the world and so chatrooms can be very fun.

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I don't think people should be put off using chatrooms by all of this, I just think people need to be told about the dangers and should always remember flirting by text if they feel unsafe, they can just leave. Joe, 14, Birmingham I don't think anyone can feel safe on the internet these days. They are very dangerous as you don't know who you are talking to and if the person you are talking to is telling the truth. Francessca, 14, North Yorkshire I did use a chatroom but then I stared to get a bit suspicious so I stopped.

But at the end of the day it is you that makes it safe, if you stick by the rules you are safe. I know I have enough sense to handle people and if anyone gets nasty then I go on a different board and change my name. Rosie, 12, Sheffield The internet is your responsibility, you make it safe. Maria, 12, Westhoughton I go on websites all the time, talking to people is fun, but you should never arrange to meet up.

I think young children should be supervised when using the internet because they don't know roomx they are going on and could talk to anyone.

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Sarah, 13, Northern Ireland I once went on a chatroom and this pof sendmessage was really nasty and rude, ever since then he's ed me. Eventually, I changed my address, I don't always feel safe. Riohana, 13, Cambridge You have to put your details onto every site, even this one, just to add a comment! Kim, 13, Maghull I feel safe cos I don't go on chatrooms or anything like that. The only people Chay e-mail are my mates, even then I prefer to text!

I think peryh should be done to protect. Laura, 13, Southampton I feel safe.

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I definitely feel safe on those! I know never to give out personal details to anyone I don't chatroulette alternativ. If I feel uncomfortable at anytime I know to get off and tell an adult I trust. Hayley, 14, St Helen's I think the internet is safe.

Perth man shared hundreds of indecent child images, a court is told

But I do think that if you are going on a chatroom, you should never give out personal details or meet without an adult. Hannah, 12, Birmingham I don't always feel safe on the internet.

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I never go into chatrooms because most of them are not moderated and most of the people on them are weirdoes asking if you have a boyfriend, or 'do you wanna cyber? I prefer roomss stick to the moderated message boards.

Michelle, 16, Liverpool If you go on the right websites it is ok. Like the message boards on this website have moderators that prevent you from finding out people's addresses, arranging to meet them or talking about unsafe websites.

Kriti, 12, Essex I feel safe on the internet most of the time but you have to be careful! Because here you'll hook up with people peeth the same intentions as you.

Perth chat rooms

Wake up and chat! Discover the place where all naughty desires come true in just one message. Send Flirtcasts and winks to all the users you like to draw their attention.