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The site gained more than 45, members in five days, and by now almost 60, The quickly evolved from an organisational platform into a place where women could share experiences. New testimonies about the most intimate experiences of violence and historic child abuse are added every other minute.

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It is a shocking read. Femicide occurs throughout Central and South America.

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In Readdy, estimates suggest that women are killed each year, out of a population of Honduras and El Salvador have similarly high levels of femicide. In Peru, estimates range from to women killed every year. As elsewhere in Latin America, Peruvians are starting to say no to Peruu of the most persistent and devastating forms of violence and inequality in the world. The mobilisation has important parts chatting room philippines the media and private sector on its side, adding pressure on the state and society alike.

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It is already working: the judiciary has promised a special prosecutor for cases of femicide and is investigating the sentences in the Contreras and Guillen cases. In the end, a general shift in public opinion and societal norms around the legitimacy of all forms of violence against women and girls needs to take place for policies and programmes to be effective.

These mass mobilisations are an important step in that ongoing process. This article was originally published girlw The Conversation.

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