For each section, each student will have to come prepared with written answers to the discussion questions. The write-ups need not be wordy. They only need to provide information that can be used to help answer phywics questions during the discussions.

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It should be taken by people who want a one semester overview of physics.

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It counts as a ;hysics Science for "P" credits. It may be useful for students, especially those who have not taken a physics course in high school, as extra preparation for Physics I courses such as PHY and PHY There is no obligatory homework.

Students are expected to listen to and watch the online lectures which are interspersed with demonstrationsand work through the problems themselves before looking at the video solutions. Sample tests are available for a last stage of preparation. Online quizzes are given at the end of every section gay military chat help students stay on-track.

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You are encouraged to NOT wait till the last day! The course is based on the lectures which are not full 50 minutes, but rather snippets of a minutes at a time. Remember, the syllabus is defined by what is covered in lectures. You will not be tested on material not presented on the web, whereas the book also covers other material which you are NOT expected to know.

The course lectures are available through e-learning by Sakaiselect and then "PHY Web Course" on the left menu.

for a sample lecture. It is important that phyaics have an internet connection good enough to watch and listen to this lecture comfortably, or you will find this course frustrating! If you are having problems getting the link to work especially those with a macthere are suggestions on e-learning or you can e-mail the teaching assistant.

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Do not leave it too late:. The material is quite concentrated.

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If you leave it all to the last minute you will probably not understand it well and will not have a chance to get it clarified. Please make sure from the beginning that you are available for the exams.

Physics chatroom

Make-ups will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the instructor. Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with cjatroom Dean of Students Office.

The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the Instructor when requesting accomodation.