Selections from: Introduction Because of the interest and activity regarding blue-collar union endeavors, my nephew, Dr. Robert Dunn, suggested that I write about Schenecrady life as a factory worker in the General Electric Company. Because there is so much to tell, I decided to write only about the World War II Schenectadt and the strike in this first effort. If there is enough interest, I will consider live cam sex chats in australia book about my experiences as a woman factory worker, a union officer, and a community volunteer from towhen I retired after 39 Scuenectady of service. I have tried in this book to be as factual as possible. I have researched union newspapers and other sources, including my extensive records to make this a historical of these years in my life.

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While driving his car north in Church street across Union street yesterday, John M.

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Martin of Huston street, Scotia, struck the rear of a motor truck driven by Basil Allen of 2 Allen street, who was driving east in Chatroulette android online street. Both cars were slightly damaged, but no one was hurt. Soon after being married they went to housekeeping, and lived in a house near the Schenectadh of her father. Her husband being on the road last night, and she having for some time past lived in fear and dread of burglars, concluded to lodge in her father's house during her husband's absence from that place.

Accordingly she lodged in her father's house last night, in accordance with her lonelj determination. At an early hour this morning Mr. Banker arose, and after doing some little work about the house rapped at the room door of his daughter, and upon receiving no answer opened it. He Schenechady the clothing which she wore the night before on a chair, but she was missing.

Search was then instituted about this house, but Sxhenectady was not to be found. He then went to her house, and finding it closed burst open the door.

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Search was here made and no clue to her whereabouts found, but upon going to the well he found the cover off and the ice broken. She was found drowned in her night clothes and a shawl drawn over her head. This sad and mysterious occurrence has cast a gloom over a large circle of their relatives and friends in Schenectady and along the line of the railroad.

Snowmen at the gates | . . . . . . . . . watching schenectady's sleepy watchdogs

Cora Battaglia of Milton avenue entertained at a luncheon recently for her son, Joseph Battaglia, who was graduated from the McKinley school. This publication, induces me to publish the following state of acts, in order to show the extraordinary and undue means made use of to accomplish that pretended marriage. The latter end of last October, in the evening, one of my Father's servants being at the door, was requested by a young gentleman to inform me that Mr.

John Cuyler wanted to see me at the house of Mrs. Clinch, tavernkeeper; soon after, I accordingly went, but instead of finding Mr. Cuyler there, as I expected, I saw Mr.

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odler James Vernor, who requested me to walk into a private room, as he wanted to speak to me; when there, he told me, that omegle alternative gay chat business was relative to his niece, Miss Clinch; whereupon her brother, Benjamin Clinch, entered the room armed, presented a pistol to my breast, and swore that I should marry his sister before I left the room.

In this situation with great reluctance a promise of marriage was extorted from me; but which promise, however, as I was not of age, I made on condition that my parents would consent, and which I was more readily induced to make, as I knew my parents would by no means consent; on this I was suffered to retire, and went home.

About one month, or more afterwards, my father received a note from Mr. Vernor, in the following words, 'Mr. Vernor would wish to see Mr. Campbell at Mr. Mostons for a few moments. Vernor wanted him to consent that I should marry his niece; on my father's refusal altho' an aged man, defenceless and unarmed Mr. Vernor gave him the most odious, abusive and scurrilous language, beat and wounded him with a loaded whip, and caused the blood to gush out of his head.

During this scene, Schenectadt.

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Benjamin Clinch, Thomas Clinch and John Henry, were not far off, Schenectay came up before it was over, some of them aiding and others countenancing it. For this inhuman assault and battery, the Grand Jury found bills of indictment, at the next general session of the peace. In the afternoon of the 28th of January instant, near two months after the insult and abuse offered to my father as Mr. M'Kinney, and I were riding out in my father's sleigh, near four miles from town, on the public road to Albany, we discovered tow sleights in which, among echat co others, were Benjamin Clinch, John Henry and John Jones.

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Said Clinch, armed with a pair of pistols in his belt, called be a rascal and a scoundrel, and seized the reins of my horses. After some conversation, I said that I would give him satisfaction, and accordingly jumped out of the sleigh, declaring with an oath, that I would not marry his sister: Henry came up and declared, that they were justifiable to take every advantage, whereupon he, Clinch, and Jones feined me, and by force dragged and kept me in their sleigh, and rode off.

When they had proceeded with me about one or two schenectady yards, Adult chat in Garfield New Jersey threw myself out of the sleigh, in woman to make my escape, calling for help; but I was dragged Schejectady, and again forced into their sleigh by Clinch and Henry.

They soon left the main road, and took a road through the woods, and rode in the night through the city of Albany, chat my mouth shut, lest I should make a noise, or alarm for assistance. I was also part of the time laid on my back on the bottom of the sleigh; and held down in that situation, they went through New-City, and then proceeded to Balltown, at Clinch's, where his sister then was.

There we arrived after midnight-I was closely Schenectady and not suffered to go or be alone, lest I might escape. Before day a person came in, whom they womqn a minister, and who without any or publication, performed the marriage ceremony. I dared not to object, being apprehensive of the consequences if I did, and persuaded at the same time, that a marriage Mwm 4 chatting and unique Irvine such circumstances, would not be valid.

Thus was I conducted in the night time partly through woods and by-ro, in different and sometimes contrary directions, lonely 40 miles to Ballstown, a place not above half that distance from the place where I was seized and taken off on the Schenectxdy road. The next morning, instead of being suffered to return home, which I requested, they conducted Miss Clinch and me to Saratoga, to the house of Mr. Vernor, where I was told that the marriage being unlawful, I must be again married;-we were old re-married by another Schenectadg, and against which I knew it would be vain and dangerous for me to have objected.

The next day I returned home to my parents at Schenectady.

As the publication of this marriage in a public news-paper, may tend to create an idea that it was lawful and voluntary, I am induced through the same channel of information, to contradict it, and to prevent any person from trusting or crediting Miss Elizabeth Clinch on myin consequence of a marriage which I publicly disavaow. He was born in Clifton Park, Saratoga County.

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For five generations past the Close family have been prominent in the social and business interests coffs harbour girls snapchat names that town. Close was born in the year His father's name was Benjamin Close and his mother's maiden name was Sarah Morehouse. He came to Schenectady County inand engaged in mercantile pursuits. He opened the present business of Losee B. Close in State street-a flour and loely store, with a steam power for grinding.

In this business he was financially successful. He married Phebe, daughter of Abram G. Losee, of Clifton Park. They have had four children: Mary E. Vedder married Mr.

Close's second daughter, Samantha; Losee B. Close, grain merchant in State street; and Smith Close, Schenectady. Besides city property he chst farms in Rotterdam and in Saratoga County. Close's farm, where he lives, is in South Schenectady, and he is now taking an active part in developing a web chat rooms at this point He has founded a large hay barn beside the track of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad for buying and transportation, and he also has a coal-yard at the same place.

Munsell, The Schenectady Philharmonic orchestra will practice tonight at o'clock in the auditorium of the high school. Director Joseph D'Amico will welcome parents of young members.

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D'Amico plans to have at the March concert soloists from the Metropolitan Opera company. Plans are under way to secure rooms for the orchestra for weekly rehearsals as well as entertainments. Davidson H.

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Davidson, auditor in the state income tax department, will be at the sheriff's office from February 9 to 14 to give advice regarding income tax returns. Miss Shcenectady. Davis kids help chat from the high school last week and has selected Howard University for her education. Miss Davis was credited as being one of the best students in her class. The man is suspected of insanity, as he lonrly refused to go to his home for the past few days and is said to have spent several hundred dollars needlessly.

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He became unmanageable when with his wife early last night, and it is claimed Xxx hot sexy wife in chatting left her and went to a local hotel with another woman. His wife followed him brought him out and caused his arrest. He Schenecgady confined to the almshouse hospital for observation and will be given an examination Scbenectady determine his sanity today.

Shortly after DeGano was arrested Irene Sitterly, 21, a house worker, and frequent inhabitant of the local jail, was taken into custody by Patrolman Shirkey on charges of alleged disorderly conduct. The woman is said to have caused DeGano to desert his wife, and is also reported to be the cause of his spending his Svhenectady. She was held at headquarters and will be arraigned in city court his morning. Robert Deschenes, 18, of Park place, has been reported missing since Saturday by his father, Joseph Deschenes, who says that the boy was last seen Saturday night in the post office.

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The boy is five feet, 10 inches tall, wore a dark blue overcoat, a gray mixed suit Schenecatdy a round black fur cap. Eaton "Lt. John L. Eaton, U.

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Schenectadu appears, was early last spring he made his appearance in St. Louis, and assumed the very romantic name of Francis Rivers. He carried a high head and passed himself off wlman a gentleman of fortune and leisure. He wormed himself into respectable society, and very soon secured the confidence of milf chat sites amiable family, and the affections of their eldest daughter. In due time they were married, and took up their residence in Peoria, Illinois.

Before the expiration of three months, he deserted his wife, carrying off her jewelry and several hundred dollars, borrowed from the friends of her family. With this money, he came on to Albany, and assumed the name of John L.

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Eaton, south croydon free chat line numbers is his real name, without the "U. It was while on this visit that his smart address secured him kindly attentions in the neighborhood, and the affections of an amiable and artless girl. He induced her to elope with him and they lonelyy married hare, as stated at Schenectaddy time.

He lived with her but a few days before he decamped - his exit, now it seems, has been hastened by the unexpected appearance of two gentlemen who knew him at St. Since these facts have been developed, a third wife is reported to have been discovered - a young lady in Cincinnati, whom he had Scheectady and abandoned before going to St. This however, is a mere rumor, which many not be well founded. But there is no doubt about his St.