Come and us in the comments Chatting with local 92307 ladies a chat chatgoom a few of our writers might make an appearance! But should people who are low risk be encouraged to "get out and start living again" as one scientific advisor has suggested? Or is the public's fear of Covid, and their concern for others, justified? Are the current lockdown restrictions inhuman? Must we return to normal life sooner rather than later? Coronavirus furlough scheme could be cut back as costs soar Taxpayer support for millions of furloughed workers could dhatroom cut amid fears over the scheme's rising cost, reports suggest.

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But on 6 November, another cable broke.

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Based on the stresses acting on the second broken cable, engineers concluded that the remaining cables were probably weaker than ly thought. The NSF reviewed multiple assessments by independent engineering companies and concluded that the telescope structure was "in danger of a catastrophic failure" online dating messages its cables may no longer be capable of carrying the lo they were chatroo to support.

Furthermore, several assessments stated that any attempts at repairs could put workers in life-threatening danger.

Cuts cast doubt on asteroid plan Ralph Gaume, director of NSF's division of astronomical sciences, said: "Until these assessments came in, our question was not if the observatory should be repaired but how. But in the end, a preponderance of data showed that we simply could not do this safely. And that is a line we cannot cross.

It was built in the early s, with the intention of studying the ionised upper part of Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere. But it was soon being used as an all-purpose radio observatory. A of cosmic phenomena such as pulsars - magnetised, rotating stars - sceince emission at radio wavelengths.

The observatory sciencs the first solid evidence for a type of object known as a neutron star. It was also used to identify the first example of a binary pulsar two magnetised neutron stars orbiting around a common centre of masswhich earned its discoverers the Nobel Prize in Physics. In the UK, modellers warned government that the virus could kill tens of thousands, and advised "cocooning" would reduce deaths.

Timing the peak The modellers were also trying to predict when the UK would see the peak of cases. But one member of the committee, Prof Steven Riley, from Imperial College, believed the government's strategy was seriously flawed and would leave intensive care units overwhelmed for a long period of time. On 10 March, when official figures suggested there had been a total of cases - but experts now estimate there were 75, - he submitted a paper calling for an immediate lockdown.

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He says: "Based only on my knowledge of the epidemiological situation, I did think, at that point, there was an argument for stringent social distancing, for lockdown, as soon as possible. The big question was by how much were they underestimating the. We knew for each sciencr these cases there will probably be many hundreds of thousands of people who have Covid but didn't have it that seriously.