How does it work? Text messages from patients are managed by staff using the ChatHealth web platform. The platform can be used to respond to messages with information, advice or details of relevant services. Texts are charged to patients at their normal network rate. How do I access it?

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The Crisis Volunteer will help you move from a hot moment to a cool calm. Volunteer Our Crisis Volunteers apply and successfully complete an online training course.

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These Crisis Volunteers work remotely anywhere in the UK with a computer and secure internet connection. Crisis Volunteers answer texts from people in crisis, bringing them from a sejd moment to a cool calm one through active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety planning. Crisis Volunteers commit to between hours per week and complete a total of hours. It's a big commitment, and one that people find incredibly rewarding.

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Learn more about being a Crisis Volunteer. We've collected one of the largest health data sets in the world. Ultimately, our goal is to use data to improve outcomes for people in crisis. How with a spoofed sender? Pantie chat our experts tfxt about that.

Super Fast Dedivery As we don't chatbazaar login our infrastructure with 's of other websites you reap the benefit of speed and scalability. We're sure you won't need it though. High quality, super fast Global network operator coverage We don't use cheap unreliable bulk SMS routes.

We plug directly into the main global routes. Standard charges for the sender.

No need to install software or any equipment You can even send anonymous SMS on the move with your phones browser! Delay SMS delivery to any time and date. The only change is anojymous give out disposable addresses instead free chat bazar your real address Reply from your current inbox Disposable received is forward to you. Reply as normal and we handle the rest.

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ISP and IP info removed. The correct sender address is set to your disposable address and your reply sent to the recipient. No advertising No adverts added by us and we absolutly do not sell addresses!