Visualizzazioni: This is ridiculous, get off the table. You cannot do it on the table. This is not okay.

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Visualizzazioni: This is ridiculous, get off the table.

You cannot do it on the table. This is not okay.

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I'm gonna do it. Oh no, I don't. I don't want this on. Hold on off live video done. I don't think we're making this hold on. I just oh oh my gosh. Oh god shh.

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Okay move over You shut the door behind us good morning to everyone. We're coming a little bit late today was unexpected. You know things Teddy had got another two teeth pulled and he decided that he felt better staying home. You know what I mean, Yeah because when it's so it does not feel good. I was like it'll it'll okay, let's start student chat room the liner cuz I didn't get to do. I have the headband and I lost it.

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Oh, I'm not you know where WWasaga is. This is the liner guys your headband that we are. I'm I find it very hard to do this on the camera, but this is the liner that we're selling. If you go up into the description, you can buy it.

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A lot of people have bought it. The mascara got sold out the mascara got sold out to my two eyes. I'm gonna do more. Oh yeah. Oh my gosh I love last night. Can I tell you I love last night.

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They had many other's parents via zoom and Johnny's Dad is hot. Oh boy. Those guys are always on a break. They don't talk to each other. I find it that one seems depressed one of them more hangover. I'm not sure you know he's not. I know he's always mad. He's just not.

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He's not a happy guy right Max. It's really crazy the blue shirt guys. Yeah, the blue shirt guy they don't talk. They don't well the reason he's happy because he wiccan chat groups works right. He's always on the phone. What's he doing really? I've come to learn a lot of personalities as they work. cuat

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You know. I don't know Natalie. Horny girls Chattanooga just know people should how's how's the deck coming? I guess it's coming. It's the no Max's home and entirely bored. Wants to go back to school so badly I don't know how you moms who are doing online schooling are just heroes here. You're just like me.

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That's okay. This is a very wow. I'm gonna go. Keep talking keep talking. I don't know because Max has been doing virtual school and he does not like he's not a fan. So then we have our liner. Everyone can avenu chat us in the window. It's like we're doing a show. Hey everybody.

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We have a live audience. We have a live audience on the neighborhood. The neighborhood is fwb text meaning audience the cars that drive by I guess there's no new shots today. Oh okay. So I got I got caught up on all my TV shows last night so love they met. I'm still so in love with Sally and John, the most beautiful couple that ever existed and like also the other couple to um Oh, we're getting more mascaras by the way I know that's really exciting.

It's very exciting cuz this is the coolest mascara cuz we'll let you know we're gonna be somehow somewhere they found seventy more they were able to make so more because we sold out so quickly go buy them. Go buy them Max. Where do you go? CA Mascaras are not available yet, but the liners are and it's also crossdressing chat room the description above.

It's a small thing you can do. When you're wearing a mask um also why women kill I need you to watch this is such a good choice. I don't have time to watch TV these children Max and I have started a book. Natalie we've I read to him every night. Are you liking this? Yeah because the girls the girls really monopolize my time and he doesn't ask for much and so you know I don't get to drive and don't get to pick him up.

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So yeah he was like you need to do something for me. So we started a series where do we start tomorrow? Harry Potter with a circle on the circle. Oh, you're gonna do Harry Potter. I'm the pool chat read it to him because Waaga talks about Harry Potter and guess who has never read Harry Potter none of our family in this family. How's it going. Oh, it's going amazing.

What's your favorite? What's your favorite part of the book so far uh when that big guy came in a motorcycle. I don't know his name. I know me neither they have weird names. I don't think I pronounce it right, Dumbledore mister. Mister dump I don't say any of the names right. I'm like I change it every time you read So you know it's like mingling Gay chat sex Toledo sometimes like like I don't know how y'all I don't even know how people it's not normal Ming.

I don't know so I changed it so it keeps the book interesting. Harry Potter one is an easy one to doozy, but the rest of them. I think I got Dumbledore. There's a cat that turns into a really. I don't get it.

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Merced sex chat It's like Carpool Drive what I Sfx get that part. One of the cats Carpool Drive on Carpool Drive. Yeah, I don't know if I'm reading it right. We just I've been reading my son, a book two every day, which one it's actually he needs to do it for school. But because English is a second language, No no yeah. English is my son's second language.