NJ doctors discover lithium batter in 4-year-old girl's throat November 26,AM A mother in New Jersey is giving thanks for her daughter's health after doctors made a terrifying discovery on an x-ray.

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I was reading to see what people put since this is new to me. First thing is I'm not going shagle chat alternative post pictures of my junk on here?? Really who does that? How about instead I just say Girld want to share who I am with someone while hopefully allowing them to do the same.

After all the goal isn't to find magic in a simple feeling but instead in giros ability to share good and bad in what we life. You also won't find me writing about all my ills on here.

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I'm a human. I've made mistakes but ild like to think my choices of being educated hard working loving people for who they are not what I want them to Sfx or what I can have from them, learning to look at life as a gift good first texts every regard, and along thevway hoping that those I interact with are better off for knowing me than not.

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To many guys it seems have deeply hurt gals. Be it physical emotional or just walking out of there lives.

I can't promise forever I'm just hoping I get the same. So yes this is scary yet exciting.

I'm staring at this roller coaster but saying wtf why not. If you want to ride along, respond and let me know a little about you, or a lot. From there you and I will decide if we get off the coaster together and tour the park or many other parks together or if we depart rt away or after quite a few.

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Put "coaster ride" for heading if you don't mind please. I don't neaark coasters but it sucks to learn the coaster is really a.

Be real or go home. So hopefully the heading helps we weed out those that need to go to the spamrus folder.