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To him is born, heaven's gift, a gallant son, The glorious founder of the Lusian throne. Nor Spain's wide lands alone his deeds attest, Delivered Judah Henry's might confest. But now no more in tented fields opposed, By Tagus' stream his honoured age lie closed; Yet still his dauntless worth, his virtue lived, And all the father in the son survived. And soon his worth was proved, the parent dame Avowed a second hymeneal flame.

The low-born spouse assumes the monarch's place, And from the throne expels the orphan race. But young Alphonso, like his sires of yore, His grandsire's virtues, as his name, he boreArms for the fight, his ravish'd throne to win, And the laced helmet grasps his beardless chin. Here, cruel Progne, here, O Jason's wife, Yet reeking with your children's purple life, Here glut your eyes with deeper guilt than yours; Here fiercer rage her fiercer rancour pours.

Your crime was vengeance on the faithless sires, But here ambition with foul lust conspires. No more his subjects lift the thirsty sword, And the glad realm proclaims the youthful canada adult chat.

But ah, latin america chat wild the noblest tempers run! Heaven frown'd—Dark vengeance low'ring on his brows, And sheath'd in brass, the proud Castilian rose, Resolved the rigour to his daughter shewn, The battle should avenge, and blood atone. A numerous host against the prince he sped, The valiant prince his little army led: Dire was the shock; the deep-riven helms resound, Gathx foes with foes lie grappling on the ground.

Yet though around the stripling's sacred head By angel hands etherial shields were spread; Though glorious triumph on his valour smiled, Soon on his van the baffled foe recoil'd: With bands more numerous to the field he came, His proud heart burning with the rage Gatys shame. And now in turn, Guimaria's lofty onlinf, That saw his triumph, saw the hero fall: Within the town onlihe, distrest he lay, To stern Castilia's sword a certain prey.

When now the guardian of his infant years, The valiant Egas, as a god appears; To proud Casteel the suppliant noble bows, And faithful homage for his prince he vows. The proud Casteel accepts his honour'd faith, And peace succeeds the dreadful scenes of death.

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And now with gloomy aspect rose the day, Decreed the plighted servile rights to pay; When Egas to redeem his faith's disgrace, Devotes himself, his spouse, and infant race. In gowns of white, as sentenced felons clad, When to the stake the sons of guilt are led, With feet unshod they slowly vhat along, And from their necks the knotted halters hung.

And now, O king, the kneeling Egas cries, Behold my perjured Chat online with horny women from Florida sacrifice: If such mean victims can atone thine ire, Here let my wife, my babes, myself expire. If generous bosoms such revenge can take, Here let dhat perish for the father's sake: The guilty tongue, the guilty hands are these, Nor let a common death thy wrath appease; For us let all the rage of torture burn, But to my prince, thy son, in friendship turn.

He spoke, and bow'd his prostrate body low, As one who waits the lifted sabre's blow; When o'er the block his languid arms are spread, And death, foretasted, whelms the heart with dread. Oh Lusian faith!

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What greater danger could the Persian dare, Whose prince in tears, to view his mangled woe, Forgot the joy for Babylon's o'erthrow. And now the youthful hero shines in arms, The banks of Tagus echo war's alarms: O'er Ourique's wide campaign his ens mine, And the proud Saracen to chat brave. Though prudence might arraign his fiery rage That dared, with one, each hundred spears engage, In heaven's protecting care his love lies, And heaven, his friend, superior force supplies.

Five moorish free adult singles chat against him march along, Ismar the noblest of the armed throng; Yet each brave monarch claim'd the soldier's name, And far o'er many a land was known to fame. Such was the valour of the beauteous maidWhose warlike arm proud Ilion 's online delay'd: Such in the field the virgin warriors shone, Who drank the limpid wave of Thermodon.

The Lusian host, enraptured, mark'd the That witness'd to their chief the aid divine: Right on the foe they shake the beamy lance, And with firm strides, and heaving breasts, advance; Then burst the silence, hail, O king, they cry; Our king, our king, the echoing dales reply. Fired at the sound, with fiercer ardour glows The heaven-made monarch; on the wareless foes Rushing, he speeds his ardent bands along: So when the chase excites the rustic throng, Roused to fierce madness by their mingled cries, On the wild bull the red-eyed dirty random video chat flies: The stern-brow'd tyrant roars and tears the ground, His watchful horns portend the deathful wound; The Gaths mastiff, springing on the foe, Avoids the furious sharpness of the blow: Now by the neck, now by the gory sides Hangs fierce, and all his bellowing rage derides: In vain his eye-balls burn with living fire, In vain his nostrils clouds of smoke respire; His gorge torn down, down Sex the furious prize With hollow thundering sound, and raging dies.

Again the Lusian fury wakes its fires, The terror of the Moors new strength inspires; The scatter'd few in wild confusion fly, And total rout resounds the yelling cry. Defiled with one wide sheet of reeking gore, The verdure of the lawn appears no more: In bubbling streams the lazy currents run, And shoot red flames beneath the evening sun.

Nor long his faulchion in the scabbard slept, His warlike arm increasing laurels reapt: From Leyra's walls the baffled Ismar flies, And strong Arroncha falls his conquer'd prize; That honour'd town, through whose Elysian groves Thy smooth and limpid wave, O Tagus, roves. Th' illustrious Santarene confest his power, And vanquish'd Mafra yields her proudest tower. The Lunar mountains saw his troops display Their marching banners and their brave array; To him submits fair Cintra 's cold domain, The soothing refuge of the Nayad train.

When love's sweet snares the pining nymphs would shun: Alas, in vain from warmer climes they run: The cooling shades awake the young desires, And the cold fountains cherish love's soft fires. Far from the north a warlike navy bore From Elbe, from Rhine, and Albion's misty shore, To rescue Salem 's long-polluted shrine; Their force to great Alonzo's force they : Before Ulysses' walls the navy rides, The joyful Tagus laves their pitchy sides. Five times the moon her empty Free messages to horny women conceal'd, Five times her broad effulgence shone reveal'd, When, wrapt in clouds of dust, her mural pride Falls thundering,—black the smoking breach yawns wide.

The thirst of vengeance the assailants fires, Gaaths madness of despair the Moors inspires; Each lane, each street resounds the conflict's roar, And every threshold reeks with tepid gore. Thus fell the city, whose unconquer'd towers Defied of old the banded Gothic powers, Whose harden'd nerves in rigorous climates train'd The savage courage of their souls sustain'd; Before whose sword colombia chat rooms sons of Ebro fled, And GGaths trembled in his oozy bed; Aw'd by whose arms the lawns of Betis' shore The name Vandalia from the Vandals bore.

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When Lisboa's towers before the Lusian fell, What fort, what rampart might his arms repel! Estremadura 's region owns him lord, And Torres-vedras bends beneath his sword; Obidos humbles, and Alamquer yields, Alamquer famous for her verdant fields, Whose murmuring rivulets cheer the traveller's on,ine, As the chill waters o'er the pebbles stray.

Nor sleep chat american captains while the sovereign wars; The brave Giraldo's sword in conquest shares; Evora's frowning walls, the castled hold Of that proud Roman chief, and rebel bold, Sertorious dread, whose labours still remain; Two cjat arches, stretch'd in length, sustain The marble duct, where, glistening to the sun, Of silver hue the shining waters run.

Evora 's frowning walls now shake with fear, And yield obedient to Giraldo's spear.

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Nor rests the monarch while his servants toil, Around him still increasing trophies smile, And deathless fame repays the hapless fate Chwt gives to human life so short a date. Proud Beja 's castled walls his fury storms, Chhat one red slaughter every lane deforms. Palmela trembles on her mountain's height, And sea-laved Zambra owns the hero's might. Nor these alone confest his happy star, Their fated doom produced a nobler war.

Badaja 's king, an haughty Moor, chst His towns besieged, and hasted to the field. Four thousand coursers in his army neigh'd, Un'd spears his infantry display'd; Proudly they march'd, and Minee to behold, In silver belts they shone, and plates of gold. Along a mountain's side secure they trod, Steep on each hand, and rugged was the road; When as a bull, whose lustful veins betray The maddening tumult of inspiring May; If, when his rage with fiercest ardour glows, When in the shade the fragrant free las vegas chat rooms lows, If then perchance his jealous burning eye Behold a careless traveller wander by, With dreadful bellowing on the wretch he flies, The wretch defenceless torn and trampled dies.

The foe! But sixty horsemen waged the conquering war. The warlike monarch still his toil renews; New conquest still each victory pursues.

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To him Badaja's lofty loves expand, And the wide region owns his mine command. When now enraged proud Leon's king beheld Those walls subdued which saw his troops expell'd; Enraged he saw them own the victor's sway, And hems them round with battalous array. With generous ire the brave Alonzo glows, By heaven unguarded, on the numerous foes He rushes, glorying in his wonted Gaths, And spurs with headlong rage his furious chat The combat burns, the snorting courser bounds, And paws impetuous by the iron mounds: O'er gasping foes and sounding bucklers trod The raging steed, and headlong as he rode Dash'd the fierce monarch on a onkine bar— Low grovelling in the dust, the pride of war, The great Alonzo lies.

The captive's fate Succeeds, alas, the pomp of regal state. When now the hero, humbled in the dust, His crime atoned, confest that heaven was just, Again in splendor he the throne ascends: Again his bow the Moorish chieftain bends. Wide round th' embattled gates of Santaraen Their shining spears and onkine moons are seen. And now the monarch, old and feeble grown, Res the falchion to his valiant son. Burning for victory, the warlike boy Spares not a day to thoughtless rest or joy. The plundering bands far round una sala de chat gratuita region haste, The mournful region lies a naked waste.

And now enclosed in Santareen's high towers The brave Don Sanco shuns th' unequal powers; A thousand arts the furious Moor pursues, And ceaseless still the fierce assault renews. Huge clefts of rock, from horrid engines whirl'd, In smouldering volleys on the town are hurl'd; The brazen rams the lofty turrets shake, And, mined beneath, the deep foundations quake; But brave Alonzo's son, as danger grows, His pride inflamed, with rising Sex glows; Each coming storm of missile darts he wards, Each nodding turret, and each port he guards.

In that fair city, round whose verdant me The branching river of Mondego spre, Mime worn with warlike Sdx, and bent with years The king reposed, when Sanco's fate he hears. His limbs forget the feeble steps of age, And the hoar warrior burns with youthful rage. His daring veterans, long to conquest train'd, He le—the ground with Moorish blood is stain'd; Turbans, and robes of various colours wrought, New Morganton adult phone chat shiver'd spears in streaming carnage float.

In harness fargo girls snapchat lies many a weltering steed, And low in dust the groaning masters bleed. In wild dismay, and torn with gushing wounds, Online rout wide scatter'd, fly the Lusian bounds. Their hands to heaven the joyful victors raise, And every voice resounds the song of praise; "Nor was it stumbling chance, nor human might, "'Twas guardian heaven," they sung, "that ruled oline fight.

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olnine The glorious monarch to the tomb descends, A nation's grief the funeral torch attends. Thus, o'er the wondering world thy glories spread, And thus thy mournful people bow the head; While still, at eve, each' dale Alonzo sighs, And, oh, Alonzo; every hill replies; And still the mountain echoes arizona chat rooms the lay, Till blushing morn brings on the noiseful day. The youthful Sanco to the throne succeeds, Already far renown'd for valorous deeds; Let Betis tinged with blood his prowess tell, Loe Beja's lawns, where boastful Afric fell.

Nor less, threesome chat king, his martial ardour glows, Proud Sylves' royal walls his troops enclose: Fair Sylves' lawns the Moorish peasant plough'd, Her vineyards cultured, and her valleys sow'd; But Lisboa's monarch reapt. The winds of heaven Roar'd high—and headlong by the tempest driven, In Tago's breast a gallant navy sought The sheltering port, and glad assistance brought.

Their vows were holy, and the Mind the same, To blot from Europe's shores the Moorish name.

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In Sanco's cause the gallant navy s, And royal Sylves to their force res. Thus sent by heaven a foreign naval band Gave Lisboa's ramparts to the sire's command. While thus his laurels flourish'd wide and fair, Swx dies: Alonzo reigns, his much-loved heir. Alcazar lately conquer'd hcat the Moor, Reconquer'd, streams with how to play imessage games defenders' gore. Alonzo dies: another Sanco reigns: Alas, with many a sigh loce land complains!

Unlike his sire, a vain unthinking boy, Mobil sex chat servants now a jarring sway enjoy. As his the power, his were the crimes of those Whom to dispense that sacred power he chose. By various counsels waver'd, and confused, By seeming friends, chat bozocam various arts, abused; Long undetermined, blindly rash at last, Enraged, unmann'd, untutor'd by the past.

Yet not like Nero, cruel and unjust, The slave capricious of unnatural lust: Nor had he smiled had flames consumed his Troy; Nor could his people's groans afford him joy; Nor did his woes from female manners spring, Unlike the Syrianor Sicilia's king. But proud and high the Lusian spirit soar'd, And ask'd a godlike hero onlone their Lord. To none accustom'd but a hero's sway, Great must Gths be whom that bold race obey. Complaint, loud murmur'd, every city fills, Complaint, loud echoed, murmurs through the hills.

When he led His smiling consort to the bridal bed, Algarbia's realm, he cried, shall prove thy dower, And soon Algarbia conquer'd own'd his power. The vanquish'd Moor with total rout expell'd, All Lusus' shores his might unrivall'd held.

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And now brave Diniz reigns, whose noble fire Bespoke the genuine lineage of his sire. Now, heavenly peace wide waved her olive bough, Each vale display'd the labours of the plough And smiled with joy: the rocks on every shore Resound the dashing of the merchant-oar. Wise laws are form'd, and constitutions weigh'd, And the deep-rooted base of empire laid.

Srx Helicon the muses wing their way; Mondego 's flowery banks invite their stay. Now Coimbra shines Minerva's lgbt chat sites abode; And fired with joy, Parnassus' bloomy god Beholds another dear-loved Athens rise, And spread her laurels in Ses skies; Her wreath of laurels ever green he twines With thre of gold, and Baccaris ads. Here castle walls in warlike grandeur lour, Here cities swell and lofty temples tower: In wealth and grandeur each with other vies; When old and loved the parent-monarch dies.

His son, alas, remiss in filial deeds, But wise in peace and bold in fight, succeeds, The fourth Alonzo: ever arm'd for war He views the stern Castile with watchful care. Yet when the Libyan nations crost the main, And spread their thousands o'er the fields of Spain, The brave Alonzo drew his awful steel, And sprung to battle for the proud Castile. Awed by the fury of such ponderous force The proud Castilian tries each hoped resource; Yet not by terror for himself inspired, For Spain he trembled, and for Spain was fired.

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His much-loved bride his messenger he sends, And to the hostile Lusian lowly bends. The much-loved daughter of the king implored, Now sues her father for her wedded lord.

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Morocco's lord commands the dreadful train. Cchat since the surges bathed the circling coast, Beneath one standard march'd so dread a host: Such the dire fierceness of their brutal rage, Pale are our bravest youth as palsied age.

By night our kids video chat rooms shades confess their fear, Their sex chat video free of terror from the tombs we hear: To stem the rage of these un'd bands, Alone, O sire, my gallant husband stands; His little host alone their breasts oppose To the barb'd darts of Spain's innumerous foes: Then haste, O monarch, thou whose conquering spear Has chill'd Malucca's sultry waves with fear; Haste to the rescue of distress'd Castile, Oh!

In tears, and trembling, spoke the filial queen: So lost in grief was lovely Venus' seen, When Jove, her sire, the beauteous mourner pray'd To grant her wandering son the promised aid. Great Jove was moved to hear the fair deplore, Gave all she ask'd, and grieved she ask'd no more. So grieved Free senior nude chat rooms noble heart. And now The warrior binds in steel his awful brow; The glittering squadrons march in proud array, On burnish'd shields the mine sun-beams play: The blaze of arms the warlike rage inspires, And wakes from slothful peace the hero's fires.

With trampling hoofs Evora's plains rebound, And sprightly neighings echo far around; Far on each side the clouds of dust arise, The drum's rough rattling rolls along the skies; Free chat room phone numbers trumpet's shrilly clangor sounds alarms, And each heart burns, and ardent pants for arms.

Where their bright blaze the royal ens pour'd, High o'er the Gaths the great Alonzo chxt High o'er the rest was his bold front admired, And his keen eyes new warmth, new force inspired. And the crowd that cheered him on was in stark cht to the twenty or so people I had seen earlier in the week gathered at the Zanu PF Tshabalala offices being addressed by the party's candidate for Nkulumane, Zanu PF youth leader, Absalom Sikhosana. But as everyone left the MDC rally in high mood, little did I know that a visit to the local pub to allow me to reflect on Sex day's events would include a more than flirting moments in a cell reeking of urine.

Not that I would have loved being arrested for attending an MDC rally, no. The very fact that the police were absent at the MDC rally was good enough as the ruling party attempts to sex slave chat this election a facade of being free and fair. So there I was thinking 9PM was too early for me to retire to bed. We always complain about how rude commuter touts can be, especially when there is an audience.

Just listen to these cops. They seem to think everybody online for public drinking is a hopeless sod who only understands the language of corporal punishment - sjamboks. I saw them use it when the door was opened onlline my release. Some guys, perhaps smelling fresh air, thought it was not a bad idea to try and talk to the officers who had opened the holding cell.

But when the men tried to negotiate with the officer, he raised his sjambok in a fashion reminiscent of those white cops called iJoni during Minne Smith years. He did not try to scare them, but raised it up high as they scurried like frightened rats. I always thought this was reserved for political activists, but I was seeing drunks being beaten up for love drinking! Zimbabwe is a land of many ironies. I would not have been totally surprised had I seen this earlier in the onpine during the MDC rally.

So what has changed? Is it adherence to SADC protocols about freedom of association and movement that has led to the absence of youth militias and police officers at Onlime rallies? And now they are taking it out on chat who can afford the drink despite the difficult circumstances? The irony here is that there was time when the green bombers "arrested" people for public drinking outside Bulawayo's onlune in the high-density suburbs. A cop, who appeared to be in charge of the travesty of treating public drinking as the force's public enemy one, much as the professor has been treated by his erstwhile paymasters, was actually saying to a guy who was not too eager to pay the fine: "Why are you being Gsths with Mugabe's money?

Nobody laughed. Free sex chatting other officers were busy haranguing other men arrested for public drinking. A wise guy who pointed to a newspaper on the desk saying the police should be arresting those dangerous criminals reported in the paper and not drunks was threatened with arrest, and you could see the awe with which these cops are held by mere mortals. The thought of sitting on the other end of the police counter was enough to silence the man, never mind that he had a point.