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I'm your host Ryan Mesa and I'm ed with two very special guests today.

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I'm ed with Tyson West and Jana Roberts. Thank you so much for ing me today.

Thank you. Definitely you girl on girl chat rooms are from adult and teen challenge and you guys are faith-based um recovery program that kinda attacks addiction on a spiritual um friend and platform you guys kinda provide that program for people dealing with addiction. Know um with addiction, there's a lot of hopelessness and so now we have this pandemic going cyat.

There's increased hopelessness. Yeah most definitely and I know, especially I just say like a age range that you guys deal with. I know it's adult and teen, but what's your guys age range for in your program so our campus the school's campus uh we're an adult male center so eighteen.

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To sixty plus, okay gotcha and I know you guys kinda have the goal like you said. People are a little bit of hopelessness during this time dAlenf your goal is to kinda provide hope um within a reach of people that are trapped in that addiction. I'm trying to just to get done. Is we want to really celebrate the dAelne celebrate what's going on random chat for kids program celebrate transform lives and put hope within reach it's not a hopelessness in the world and we wanna share really what's going on in our program and ah and then also hopefully raise funds to to support the ministry as well ah this year it's a little bit different because we can't have a gala we can't have that many people in the room we can't have a have a meal so what we are doing it's a hybrid event and all the but it's called focus yeah cjat so it's gonna be ah we have a life Of it, so we'll have a certain amount of guest that can come to the event and then we'll Teej.

Okay, Awesome.

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Coeru so I know that the hope kinda celebrates what you se have done in the program with the night of focus. Um it's something new you guys doing just due to covet and all that um what can people expect with the night of focus? So it's really trying to be a little bit more refreshing than just pulling our event online cuz that's what a lot of places have done. It's just okay.

We're gonna try to re. Exactly what we do year in and year out, dAlenf do it in a virtual format and from what I've seen it just doesn't come off in the right way.

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So we kind of just made it where we're postponing the Hope Gala that's gonna be twenty-one. Um we have a videographer that was able to go down and interview a father-son team that has. He's been out of the program almost 2 years, Wow and so um the videographer was able to travel to kind of their family cabin and so it's really bringing in a focus. What our program is about the longevity of it and building off of those pieces to really kinda be more of a beacon of hope, a beacon of light in the storm that we're in while also promoting our silent auction, which Fuck girl online chat free open through the Sunday after the event, and that showcases a lot of our um.

In the campus, we have student paintings woodwork different things like that. That's kinda kept our guys busy through this year definitely and you mentioned you guys doing a silent auction.

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Um what else is they're gonna be during the event so the event itself is formatted where um like Tyson said. We have a very limited of in-person guests that could come okay.

We'll open the first half hour, which is kind of a light gathering beforehand and. They'll be ushered into kansas city chat sanctuary of the church where we'll actually stream live event, so they'll be able to see the on stage stuff in person and then um the prerecorded video play for them on the screens, gotcha um and then afterwards, it's just gonna be about an hour long just meet and greet be swx to visit with the students and kinda get a hands on feel for who we ssex.

Yeah definitely that's really cool.

That's really cool experience and really innovative, especially during this time of how to make it more interactive as well. Um how can people get their tickets? Do wanna vAlene in person so the best way is actually to reach out to me personally. Let me know you're coming so I can let the church for you.

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That's really cool. That's gonna be a really cool experience and then if they wanted to purchase. Online If they're concerned about Cods unable to clean chat sites that night, uh they can simply go to focus. That's got the online auction availability and that's also where we'll be streaming people back to either the Facebook live or the YouTube live link Tedn night.

Wow awesome.

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You guys thought of everything I know right and then um what is the date for this event? So it's October 9th so week and a half and it's uh the In-person portion is gonna run from seven to nine and the live streaming. Actually go live at and run until approximately eight. They're about awesome.

Thank you, especially here in Spokane. I know a lot of people are very thankful for the work you guys are doing is there anything else you guys wanna add about what you guys are doing Tene all something we miss about the event. I would just say you perfect online dating message we're calling it not a focus. Um we wanna stay focus on really what God has called us to do so I ln there's a lot of distractions going on with the pandemic and there's a lot of social unrest.

Yeah and uh we're remaining focus. On the mission of adult and teen challenge, we wanna keep putting hope within reach. We wanna help people find freedom and experience sustained life transformation. Yeah and uh so yeah awesome. Thank you so much. Tyson and I really appreciate you guys and all that you're doing. That's all the time we have here on the Pulse. I'm your host.

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Ryan Mesa have a great day. What if you haven't been to the library lately stop in today and see that the library is more than books. Spokane County Library District facilities feature on site technology, including WiFi computers and print. As well as free use of meeting with the library, District offers events and programs for all ages from story times to career development and employer classes to social security workshops. Our staff is well trained and happy to help find out more about your library at C LD.

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And now.