But even though your friends are just a text or call away, the stress from staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic adding on to the fact that you probably haven't done anything super exciting in a while can make it hard to find things to talk about.

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We don't necessarily think about the thousands of tiny bubbles we've sent between loved ones over the years—we just continue building on them, one response after another.

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That is, unless, we've received a new and the message screen is blank. Most of us are experienced with the downsides of that convenience, too, which Carmelia calls the "misrepresentation and misunderstanding" that occurs when tone and context are lost.

Either way, typing out what to grab at the grocery store or thoughtfully composing a paragraph-length response to an conversatioj has to start somewhere. And it's hard to know if a simple "hey" at the very beginning can eventually lead to a level of intimacy. We've also asked her what not to do in this situation because we all know the unique frustration of an unanswered text, too.

80 conversation starters for texting that spark connections

I'm really glad Rebecca thought to connect the two of us. I'd love to get together with you over coffee.

What does your schedule look like over the next week? I'm open on Thursday or Friday.

Text conversation starters

Maybe you've exchanged contact information to car pool together or plan to see each other at a company function," Carmelia says. Example: "Hi Gary, it's John from the ing department.

It's really great to meet someone who can carpool with me. Let's grab lunch today or starers to discuss our latex chat schedule and any upcoming company events. Next, share what you like about your match's profile and include something flattering.

Text conversation starters

Then, share something about yourself that is not obvious on your profile. And finally, use an open-ended question or invitation to continue your conversation. I loved your photos, especially the one of you jumping out of a plane. It's on my bucket list of things to do, and I would love to hear about your experience.

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Is it something you would do again, and where would you recommend I go? Texh "Hi Jamie, I'm really glad I bumped into you at the event last night.

Text conversation starters

You mentioned that you loved sushi, and I know a place downtown I've been meaning to try. What does your week look like to get together for dinner? Initial texting conversations should always be light-hearted, inspirational, inquisitive, and fun to create a friendly and engaging open dialogue.

Always have a plan to politely end your communication.