These users know that the actual audience reading their profile is large, containing both the desired-others auditor-addressees and undesired-others auditor-overhearers. The analysis demonstrates that you-statements are a common feature on OkCupid and proposes a robust list of 14 functions. Finally, you-statements both describe the desired-others, who are unique to each profile maker, and detail important aspects about the profile makers themselves. Introduction Dating sites are a rich context in which to examine how website affordances, linguistic choices, and conceptions of the imagined audience interact in a real-stakes, goal-oriented space. This study focuses on how and why profile makers address their audience and include the profile reader via audience address. Audience De During Online Dating In face-to-face communication, speakers typically know who the members of their actual audience are and are sensitive to their needs in terms of word choice, style of speech, and topic Bell,

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For example, if a profile maker employs emojis, memes, and textspeak, they are likely trying to display themselves as moko chat, young, or cool, because they want to attract people who would judge those qualities positively. In this case, the emojis, memes, and textspeak are some of the textual cues of the profile artifact that indicate who the desired-other is for this profile maker.

They are als for the actual audience to start self-determining if they can read themselves into the addressee role, into the imagined audience of the profile maker. Ideally, profile readers would then message the profile makers, believing themselves likely to be someone who would like and be liked based on evidence from the profile.

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In other words, profile readers identify themselves as legitimate members of the desired-others in the imagined audience by correctly reading themselves as the referent of the you-statements and positively judging the I-statements. These exajples online communities are constituted by registered users who have various tools to interact and share content Androutsopoulos, As discussed above, along with context collapse, there are often negative repercussions for online textual posts because of a mismatch between the actual audience and the imagined audience.

For instance, the tweet of a picture of a young chat adult playing a drinking game in college in could lead to him not being hired inalong with other negative effects e. This negative tension on social media arises because online users make public posts only thinking about their current imagined audience of auditor-addressees e.

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Furthermore, Litt has highlighted a need to study the imagined audience across multiple online platforms because of the different affordances they offer. Affordances represent opportunities xeamples action; they do not compel action, but rather they are subject to what is done with them van Lier, The affordances, or the functionalities, of social network sites, such as friending, liking, or posting a video, impact how and yoh people communicate with their imagined audiences.

Every website has different affordances, and the particular suite of affordances for each website ificantly affects how users interact boyd,; Hogan, ; Litt, The imagined audience on online dating sites examlpes the emssage profile affordance have been studied tangentially before e. However, they have not esamples examined directly on dating profiles in general or on OkCupid in particular, as far as this shohld was able to determine.

Actually, the tension between the actual audience and the imagined audience on dating sites may have a positive strategic effect. Profiles are affordances meant to distinguish between desired-others and undesired-others, so the more quickly and accurately they can get undesired users to self-deselect, the better. When a profile maker sites like chatango their profile, they may benefit the most from writing in a way that pleases and ms their desired-others read themselves into the role of addressee.

Thus profiles are affected by the tension of the imagined chat matures, but in a way that mssage distinct from other social network sites. The present study is focused on OkCupid, a popular free English-language online dating platform, as it includes an affordance a direct prompt for users to include you-statements in their profile artifact. For instance, one male user included sexually explicit wording in order to al to the profile readers who is, and who is not, his desired-other: The reason I put [the language] in there is because I had some experiences where I got together [with someone], we both really liked each other, and it turned out that I was somebody who really liked sex and she was somebody that could take it or leave it.

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So I put that in there to sort of weed those people out. Ellison et al. The present study is concerned with the use of you-statements on OkCupid, as they represent the most explicit device for profile makers shouls reach their target users and Detroit bbw chat dating their imagined audience, through describing who is and who is not wanted. These aims are pursued by addressing two research questions: RQ1: What are the functions of you-statements, how frequently does each function occur, and how common are you-statements in general, regardless of function?

RQ2: How are you-statements used to reveal the desired-others of the imagined audience? Method Context OkCupid is an online platform where adults over the age moko chat 18 make profiles about themselves primarily to pursue social, romantic, or sexual relationships with other adults they have not met before.

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InOkCupid had More recently, OkCupid reports that on its platform 50, dates are made every week, and over 91 million connections are made every year OkCupid, The OkCupid profile offers several affordances that allow users to self-report and edit personal details. Users can add characteristic and demographic information, for example sexual orientation, gender, relationship status e. Minimally, as of Februaryusers must provide one sholud and information on gender, orientation, and relationship status, and must chatzy sex at least one goal: new friends, short-term dating, long-term dating, or casual sex.

The profile also provides eight writing prompts see Appendix.

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The prompts provide a structure to the profile, but users do not have to answer all prompts. The first seven prompts invite I-statements, and the eighth prompt invites you-statements.

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Profiles Initially, information from profiles male and female was collected. These users were single, between the ages of 25 and 35, lived within miles of the same large southern city, and were looking for long-term exammples short-term dating. They were online during February Single is a self-reported status that means not currently in a relationship: unmarried, widowed, or divorced.

Data Collection Utilizing a dummy profile, the researcher mesage the browse function to control for gender, age range, location, and stated goals seeking long-term or short-term dating in order to collect usernames.

shouuld Due to the lack of an automatized randomization method on the site, every fifth profile was sampled. The routine recorded biographical information and the responses to the writing prompts in an Excel sheet. Profiles that had not answered at least two of the writing prompts were considered unused and were deemed ineligible for this study.

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Following this criterion, 24 female and 20 male profiles were removed, which left female and male profiles to be analyzed, for a total of profiles. Anonymity of the Profiles Because privacy is especially important to online daters, multiple steps were taken to insure the anonymity tou the collected profiles. All the usernames needed for senior chat for free original collection of information were immediately deleted and replaced with anonymous labels, such as Male Profile 1 or Female Profile No pictures or exact locations were recorded.

Further, the researcher tested the excerpt samples used in this article with various search engines to see if using the excerpts could lead back to the original profiles. The researcher experimented with combinations of keywords, exact phrasings, long and short excerpts, and the inclusion of the site name.

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The searches never led back to the profiles. In addition, the researcher used the data excerpts to search using the OkCupid internal search function and other general information e. It was also decided not to reveal the name of the city that served as the epicenter of the search radius in order to provide an additional layer of privacy. Furthermore, the method by which these data were gathered in February no longer functions, as OkCupid changed how their platform works in early Data Analysis This study investigates the frequency and variety of you-statements within the context of OkCupid.

The dual focus led to a mixed-method research approach MMR.

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Following data collection, the profiles were reviewed for tokens of you-statements. A token is a single occurrence of the target feature Ellison et al. In this case, a token was one occurrence of a you-statement. You-statements are phrases that address or involve the profile reader. yoi

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As necessary, surrounding I-statements were included in the token if the you-statement required context for clarity. You-statements are sentences referring to the messaeg person. First, there were the sentences using the pronoun you.

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Each excerpt messwge treated as one token i. A woman of confidence, ambition and drive impresses you. Second, there were Pensacola discreet chat using the implied you within imperatives. Each excerpt was treated as one token, for example: Message Me me, im like a wal mart. Eaxmples be adults and keep it classy. Third, in rare cases, there were sentences using the pronouns we and us inclusively of the profile reader.

In those few cases, they represented a combination of referencing the first person i. This approach was appropriate as one aim was examplea establish for you-statements where none existed before, as far as this researcher was able to find. Each token was examined by the researcher and ased a function; the functions were iteratively tested and refined. More specifically, the first tokens were examined for what functions they could serve.

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For example, some functions were valuing honesty or being serious. Do not open any links in the message. Send any phishing text messages to network mesxage apply or phishing hmrc.

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